By Miles Montgomery | Photo by Bibi Powers

The cascade of consequences stemming from the emergence and spread of COVID-19 has completely upended the normalcy and routine that structures our daily lives. Spring break to Amsterdam? Forget about it. Gym? Closed! In person classes? No way, get off campus and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Quarantine has become the new normal, and for Tiger student athletes accustomed to daily workouts and practices, this has been a tough reality check.

However, intrepid as always, Tiger athletes have been taking initiative at home to maintain their impeccable fitness and boost their immune systems.

“I have been taking my dog on long runs to keep up on cardio,” soccer player Noah Johnson ’23 said. “I have also been following the workout program that strength and conditioning coach Derek Savage has sent us, and it has helped me continue to add muscle and remain fit without having access to a ton of weights or a gym.”

Hopefully, Johnson’s discipline in these trying times will translate onto the pitch next season; he’s been known to punt soccer balls at the athletic training golf carts when a call doesn’t go his way.

Ex-Tiger soccer player Will Mallory ’21 is also finding ways to stay in shape in the confines of his own home. “Bodyweight exercises are key,” Mallory said. “Jumping rope, burpees, eating right, meditation and a routine keep a good mind sane in these times.”

Will is certainly wise beyond his years, and is known around campus as a sage who is happy to impart his wisdom and advice to fellow students, myself included.

Biology major and ex-volleyball player Alex Nickerson ’21 is also making sure to change it up when it comes to her quarantine fitness endeavors.

“I’ve been trying to mix it up and challenge myself so I don’t get bored!” she told me, making sure to add a typed smiley face so I knew just how excited she was to be featured in The Catalyst.

“Anything from yoga, weights, or HIIT and lots of walks and hikes outside with my dog has become fair game,” Nickerson added. If you don’t know what HIIT is, trust me, I don’t either, but I’m glad Alex is keeping her fitness routine funky fresh!

“To stay in shape I have been going on daily runs,” soccer player Coley Lyubenko ’21 (who recently transferred from the University of Alabama) said. “I try and get on the soccer ball at least three times a week, whether it is juggling or dribbling through cones or going to the park near my house to shoot. Fitness seems to be one of the few consistent stress relievers in this quarantine madness.”

If you had any concern about your Tiger student athletes losing their sharpness, fret not, Tiger fans. They are working hard to make sure they will be able to perform when they are next called upon to do so. Speaking of calling, I’m hearing the irresistible siren call of a Zoom happy hour. Stay safe and healthy out there, everyone.

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