Board of Directors

Isabella Ingersoll Editor in Chief
Michael Braithwaite Editor in Chief
Marynn Krull Managing & Copy Editor


Chris HampsonFinance Officer
Carlee Castillo – Hiring Manager
Ethan LevinSpecial Print Content Editor

Section Editors

Leigh Walden News Section Editor
Pierce SullivanSports Section Editor
Esabella GeorgeArts & Entertainment Section Editor
Ceyna Dawson Features Section Editor
AJ Fabbri Opinion Section Editor

Copy Editors

Carlee Castillo – News Copy Editor
Eliza Blanning – Sports Copy Editor
Peyton Classon Arts & Entertainment Copy Edtior
Gracie Dereemer – Features Copy Editor
Posy Vogt Opinion Copy Editor

Presentation & Design

Sienna Busby Head Photo Editor
Valerie Xiong Layout Editor
Ella NeurohrWebsite Editor
Alexix CaoLayout Editor
Kate NixonHead Layout Editor
Cathy Xiao Layout Editor

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