By Max Krontadt & Ian Roberson | Illustration by Daniel de Koning

This Monday, April 13, CCSGA will hold elections for all non-executive council positions for the upcoming school year. Thirty-four students are running to fill 14 seats — two class representative positions for the rising sophomore, junior, and senior classes, and four representative positions on the finance and inclusion committees — so it promises to be one of the most competitive student government elections in recent Colorado College history.

This election will obviously be a little different than past elections, as most students are no longer on campus. Voting will still take place via a Qualtrics survey in your college email inbox, but it will be open for 24 hours — from noon April 13 to noon April 14 MST — to accommodate students in different time zones. Virtual campaigning will have to replace posters, tabling, and in-person meetings, so make sure to check your email and social media for candidate statements and other campaign materials.

In this election, students get one vote per position available and all votes count the same. For example: for the sophomore representative positions, each student gets two votes, and can vote for two different candidates or the same candidate twice. The winners will be the two candidates with the most total votes. The same goes for the finance and inclusion positions, except each student gets four votes and four candidates will be elected.

The year ahead presents many challenges and opportunities for CC, and it’s critical that we elect a strong student government to lead us through it. We encourage you all to do your part by voting this Monday, April 13. May the best Tigers win!

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