If you wish you could fit in a workout but cannot seem to find the time, Tabata interval training might be for you. Dr. Izumi Tabata who published a study showing that short interval training increased metabolism and overall fitness discovered the Tabata workout. While the workout is strenuous, it only takes eight minutes out of your day.
Seem too good to be true? There are numerous studies that show the benefits of a Tabata workout. The original Tabata workout is characterized by 20 seconds of intense aerobic effort followed by 10 seconds of complete rest. This cycle is done 16 times. The great thing about Tabata is that it does not target a specific type of exercise.
Tabata goes great with weight training, treadmill running, cycling, etc. It can virtually be incorporated into any kind of exercise activity. Variations in the intervals can be made as well. For example, some Tabata workouts include 60 seconds of intense effort followed by thirty seconds of complete rest.
The trick to success is to have the rest interval be half the length of the anaerobic interval. Just eight minutes of a Tabata workout has shown to be a significant amount of exercise for a day.

Week-long Tabata Interval Workout-
Day One: Jumping Jacks
• 20 seconds of jumping jacks as fast as possible.
• 10 seconds of rest.
• 16 repetitions.
Day Two: Burpees
• 20 seconds of burpees as fast as possible.
• 10 seconds of rest.
• 16 repetitions
Day Three: Spinning bike
• 20 seconds of fast cadence with maximum resistance.
• 10 seconds of easy peddling with no resistance.
• 16 repetitions
Day Four: Treadmill
• 20 seconds of sprinting.
• 10 seconds of walking or light jogging.
• 16 repetitions.
Day Five: Jumping rope
• 20 seconds of quick jump roping
• 10 seconds of rest.
• 16 repetitions
Day Six: Mountain climbers.
• 20 seconds of quick mountain climbers.
• 10 seconds of rest.
• 16 repetitions
Day Seven: Stair climbing
• 20 seconds of fast stair climbing.
• 10 seconds of slow stair climbing.
• 16 repetitions

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