November 2, 2023 | FEATURES | By Izzy Roe and Tia Peterson

This Mexican Lager wowed us at a 4.7% ABV from Crooked Stave Brewery.

A beer that goes down easy for three in an hour is a rare find, yet we have found it. It was like a dream. Even the chug somehow was like water, we could have done it all if we had chosen to shotgun it.

Anyways this was yet again a Colorado beer (we are on a roll), and this fact showed. The back of the can told us to pack it in and pack it out. No, thank you! We’re going to drink it in the comfort of a very comfy blanket, even though it has some scary unknown stains on it – not in the woods. But to each their own (talking to you, Synergy kids). 

The can design was super cute, the kind of cute that a white woman’s Instagram would love and call cultural “appreciation.”

When we looked at the brewery website, our speculations were confirmed. It waw entirely made up of white people in Denver and Fort Collins. Once again, we’re asking middle-aged people everywhere: find a different hobby. But honestly, this beer was actually very delicious, and we liked it a lot. 

This beer was apparently a seasonal beer, but we have yet to figure out what season. While yes, right now is Fall, if we were to assign this beer to a season, it would NOT be Fall. Couldn’t tell you what season it would be, but all we know is it’s not Fall.

Although this beer was very yummy, we have no idea how to describe it. It was just smooth and easy, but unlike a lot of other beers we’ve had. It was refreshing but fills you up a little bit – Tia got very full. This beer produced burps like it was its job… it felt like we were burping every second. 

The chug went well. We could have chugged for longer, but it was the Sunday night after Halloweekend and we didn’t want to die. Also, has anyone noticed that this is our second article in a row where we didn’t feel like shit after chugging? Call that learning on the Block Plan. 

We burped a lot, we laughed a lot, and we drank a lot of beer (meaning that these cans were full to the brim, no skimping out at Crooked Stave Brewery). Props to the millennial white men for at least having one good priority. Drink this beer, especially in (insert mystery season?).

Once again, thanks for making it through another article. As always, stay tuned for more. 

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