February 17, 2023 | ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT | By Olivia Xerras

Juniper Wolf, the front woman of Seeking the Sun, sang a smashing set on Friday night that lit up 326 East Cache la Poudre St. She also had much to say about the standout charity, the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Fund, that part of the show’s earnings went towards.

Wolf spoke about Seeking the Sun’s upcoming tour this spring which happens to be her thesis project as a music major at Colorado College. Many students are anticipating these dates and appear thrilled about what’s to come.

Anna Brief, an attendee of the show and talented musician in her own right, recounts her excitement for Seeking the Sun’s tour, said, “my group of friends are always super excited to see them. We are really happy they’re playing more shows this year.” 

When questioned about her thesis, Wolf mentions the struggle to make the tour happen given the high price tag. After doing the math, she said, “…it came out to roughly $6,000 for all five of us, so that’s like transportation, meals, hotels, etc.”

Despite the chance of potentially receiving grant money, fundraising seems to be the most reliable solution. 

Regarding the $5 cover fee, Brief simply put, “I honestly really respect that they have a cover charge, especially bands that are intentionally going on tour. I think that it’s really important to give them financial support because that’s what usually stops people from going on tour.”

The Morning After’s Daon Hatzigiannis adds, “I feel like $5 is pretty cheap for literally showing up to see any band on campus. I say support local artists.”

Seeking the Sun’s Instagram followers could view their story post of a student literally requesting a refund for the event. As shocking as that may sound, Wolf was not surprised. 

“I get a lot of complaints about the $5 door fee,” said Wolf. “I know the majority of these students are in the top 1% economically, and they can’t afford to pitch in five dollars but they can afford to throw $600 to go to Breck[enridge] for a single day, and then they try to get in anyway at so many of our shows. The last show we had people breaking windows and trying to get in the back.”

Seeking the Sun’s music sound is quite experimental, it is noisy, yet so well curated. Guitarist Leo Paterniti remarked, “I think all of us sort of have that feeling, Juni in particular, it’s like when you hear us play you’d like to think you know it’s us and you can’t really replace anyone because we all just bring something different.”


The band’s excellent yet unique musicianship clearly draws large rowdy crowds, with some fans as previously mentioned going as far as breaking windows just to hear them play and dodge those entry fees.

The strength in Seeking the Sun’s fan base can be recognized from their high attendance rate and palpable crowd energy on Friday night, making it known that the band’s stage presence and sound is really their x-factor. 

It is amazing to see the praise from every artist interviewed and the love they share for their band mates and friends in the music scene on campus. Those still having a hard time coming to terms with the cover fee, please hear Hatzigiannis when he says not to be a downer on a concert that was truly “fucking electric.” 

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