February 17, 2023 | ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT | By Brett LeVan

Colorado College’s newest band, Haven and Hallow, took to the stage on Saturday night at the B-Side Open Mic Night event.

What started as informal jam sessions in Loomis lounge during the wee hours of Friday and Saturday nights has flourished into one of CC’s newest bands. The band featured Caroline Schlehuber ’26 on the guitar, Lev Sugerman-Brozan ‘26 on the piano, Kai Fogelquist 26’ on the mandolin, Oliver Moscow ’26 on the fiddle, and Griffin Hoppin ’26 on the Cajón.

Still a young yet vibrant and maturing group, Haven and Hollow has blossomed from a couple of friends into a dedicated group of performers with undeniable musical chemistry.

When asking Schlehuber about her fellow band members, she said the band is “honestly still fluid. Lev, Kai, and myself are kind of the day one. We’re still filling musician spots a little bit. Our drummer Griffin is newly added, and our fiddle player, Oliver, is also ‘newer’. We love working with them and are so excited to have them.”

Schlehuber, Sugerman-Brozan, and Fogelquist have been playing together since after Fall Break, and now rehearse several times each week – sometimes joined with a whole host of different musicians.

Every Monday at 8:00 p.m. in Packard Hall, Haven and Hollow’s core members, Schlehuber, Sugerman-Brozan and Fogelquist, along with other CC musicians, rehearse song after song sweating together over a shared love of music. During Monday night rehearsals, the group creates set lists and finds songs that bring out each of their various strengths. Often, the group will be playing one song and then someone will call out a different song; the music will follow suit, shifting and adapting without pause.

Schlehuber explained that this “on-the-spot” change of songs has created a strong connection of non-verbal communication, something that further strengthens their unity on stage. When speaking about the band’s weekly rehearsals with Sugerman-Brozan, he said, “we’re big on inviting people to come jam with us because we feel like even if that person doesn’t click with our group, it’s still a good experience being flexible and being able to play with other people.”

While this past Saturday was Haven and Hollow’s debut performance in front of a crowd, they’ve played on the Sounds of Colorado College radio station several times. Sugerman-Brozan said that last semester was dedicated to rehearsing in hopes of focusing on performing in front of crowds and at different venues this semester.

Sugerman-Brozan said that “playing more music in front of people is our ultimate goal.” In preparation for future performances, a three hour long shared Spotify playlist encompasses many of their favorite songs as well as those that they plan on incorporating into their set lists. Sugerman-Brozan and Folgelquist bring in many “oldies,” Schlehuber said, “which adds more depth” to the band’s repertoire of music.

“I can truly appreciate someone’s personality when they’re in the midst of performing,” said Fogelquist. “If they’re really into the music they are playing, you get a glimpse of this raw part of them which feels rare and precious. I feel seen by my band when we play.”

Bands like Mt. Joy (Indie rock), Hound Mouth (Alternative/Indie), and Wild Rivers (Indie folk) are just a few of Haven and Hollow’s musical inspirations. Schlehuber shared that Haven and Hollow wanted a name that encapsulated and represented their sound, but that also fit with the genre of artists that they’re inspired by.  Haven means a place of shelter and Hollow represents a “feeling of sanctuary,” Schlehuber said. Fogelquist expressed that “the band is my mental sanctuary from the chaos of everyday life.”

The sounds of singing and music can often be heard from Loomis lounge during the late weekend hours. Schlehuber explained that the late-night jam sessions in Loomis lounge aren’t necessarily rehearsals but have “totally helped build our sound and cohesion as a group.”

Loomis lounge holds the sounds and love of late-night jam sessions, a special place to be when Sugerman-Brozan starts playing the piano.

Keep a look out for future performances from Haven and Hollow.

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