October 15, 2021 | LIFE | By Kristen Richards

The Colorado College Mail Services recently moved from the basement of the Worner Center on Cascade Ave. to 819 N. Tejon St., just south of the Ed Robson Arena. In their new space, the mailroom now offers a more efficient and convenient way for students to pick up their mail. 

When students receive either a letter or a package, they will be sent an email from Mail Services. The email will include information about what type of mail they have received, and how they can pick it up. 

The name “CC Box” replaces “Worner Box, ”emphasizing some of the crucial and effective changes to CC Mail Services. 

Students can pick up letters and oversize packages from behind the counter from 8:30am to 4pm Monday through Friday. These letters and oversize packages will be kept behind the counter in the mailroom for two weeks. 

Most packages, however, are available for pickup at Luxer One package lockers from 8am to 8:30pm seven days a week, which is a significant change from the previous hours of the mailroom. These extended hours give students more opportunity and flexibility to pick up their packages.

When students receive a package at the Luxor One lockers, they will get an email with a code. In the mailroom, students can scan the QR code, and their package locker will automatically open. 

Packages will be in the lockers for 24 hours, and after that they are pulled behind the counter for two weeks and only available for pick up during the week from 8:30am to 4pm. 

Why has Mail Services switched from packages behind the counter to letters behind the counter? Mail Services Supervisor, April Scriven, spoke to this change. 

“Packages are what everybody cares about, packages are the hot item. Mail is no longer the hot item,” said April Scriven, Mail Services Supervisor. “We get more packages in than we do pieces of mail.” 

Their relocation shows how much thought is put into the decision regarding Mail Services.  The number of small, medium, and large package lockers was determined by the statistics of how many packages the mailroom received in a given day. 

Students will benefit greatly from the mailroom’s relocation. Picking up packages as soon as possible, however, is essential to this new system. 

“Ideally, we want the packages to be picked up within 24 hours,” Scriven said. Picking up packages within 24 hours allows the space for other students’ packages to be placed into package lockers for them to pick up as well. 

The mailroom still does have shipping options for students. They have stamps available for purchase and will, in the near future, have a mail slot for sending letters. 

Regarding packages, the mailroom primarily relies on recycled shipping materials. They do offer some USPS and FedEx boxes, but these packages can only be shipping via priority mail or FedEx express, respectively. Because of this, there is much more flexibility regarding shipping costs and options when using recycled packaging. 

“The big thing for students to know is that they can access the package lockers from 8-8:30 seven days a week,” Scriven said. 

Saying goodbye to the traditional name “Worner Box” may be bittersweet, but with the introduction of the new “CC Box” comes greater flexibility, convenience, and opportunity for students to pick up their mail.

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