October 15, 2021 | LIFE | By Mahnoor Rehman

It all starts with your comfort and your desire for comfort. 

Bedrooms are essentially little home spaces in our vast communities and locations  that we call our own. Geographically, emotionally, mentally, and physically they are the places that we most often refer to as “ours.” These spaces encompass a sense of belonging that is functional and happens automatically without putting a lot of thought into it. 

The “coziest vibe” is different for each and every individual, and it depends on your own personal interests, beliefs, and way of living.

The most peaceful aspect of a bedroom is the comfy bed that we all desire at the end of a long, stressful day. To be able to sleep on a soft, cozy bed is a privilege that is often overlooked.

Also, mattress softener and simple bedding can enhance the coziness of your space. Having more than one pillow to support you during sleep, especially under the knees help to position the body in its natural state. 

Sleeping is essential for a healthy life, so taking care of your bed arrangements is something to keep in mind. 

Another step in creating a cozy bedroom is to ensure that you feel calm in the space you are planning to live in. 

A way of doing this is to choose natural, soothing colors for your room. Natural tones and shades of colors on different textures such as that of the walls, floor, and rugs help bring this calmness to life.

A room is incomplete without natural light. Make sure that your room has windows that can let in  some sunlight and fresh air. The air quality of the room will stabilize your body and mental health, keeping you active and ready for the day, especially in the morning. 

No one likes to have uncovered windows that let the cold breeze in on winter days. In the winter, window coverings like curtains or cloth can balance the lighting and temperature of the room. My personal recommendation is to have floral textures on window coverings for some cool shadow designs and reflections. 

Another way to elevate your room’s vibe is to add scents through essential oils for a nice and calm afternoon. Whether you are working on your desk or reading a book while listening to music, a pleasant smell is always a treat. 

The last and the most crucial step is to decide on room decor. You can be chaotic with your ideas or find a singular, continuous theme — whatever works best for you. There is no set aesthetic that you need to follow. You are allowed to add or remove whatever you want in order to make the space yours.

In my experience, some reminders of warm memories at different corners of the room are always uplifting. Decorations like pictures, letters, paintings add to the personality of a space. Having some kind of art piece that inspires you and motivates your day can be a great energizer as well. 

Plants can add color to your decor and add extra company. Adding plant life to your space is quite precious There are millions of benefits of having plants in your room for your own health and prosperity; even a little cactus at the corner of your work desk is a wonderful add-on. 

Our rooms are the little hubs that contain our secrets, ideas, inspirations, and memories. It is a place to feel happiness and grief and grow from all of these emotions. 

A “cozy room” is whatever we desire it to be, and it’s never too late to make it even cozier for our own well-being and happiness. 

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