October 8, 2021 | SPORTS | By Olivia Xerras | Photo by Tamar Crump

Homecoming weekend means more than just hockey and soccer for Colorado College fans. Many seek the neo-gladiatorial satisfaction of viewing a rugby match. On Oct. 8 both the Men’s Club Rugby Team and the Cutthroats (non-men’s rugby team) look to beat back the cadets on Airforce Rugby.

Club rugby has been the talk across campus as of late. It is no surprise that their fanbase is growing considering the energy and passion of the 2021 team. The solidarity this team brings has been a running theme for those The Catalyst spoke with. They provided insight into the group’s capacity to achieve a winning record this fall season. 

Sam Treat ’24 explained the strength of the team bond. 

“The thing I love most about rugby is the community it builds. It feels like more than just a group of guys I play a sport with,” Treat said. “We end up spending a lot of time together and it is a great way to make real connections.” 

Many fans and students may not have fully grasped the hefty practice and game schedule this team has on their plate. Compared to last year, this group plays a far more demanding schedule of games. This includes one game per week and an additional three weekly practices, with a few team events sprinkled in. 

Captain Zach Klinger ’22 elaborated on the schedule’s structure and the style which the players utilize to compete. 

“We compete against other Colorado and New Mexico schools in 15 vs. 15 player matches. This is the main season and type of play popular in American college rugby,” Klinger said. “In the spring, we play 7 vs. 7 rugby which is a much faster-paced game with more open field play. Our team typically excels at this style of play because we attract lots of fast, smaller players at CC.”

Considering the number of athletes on the field, this large team makeup seems to have no effect on the strength of their team connection. The team’s energy makes players optimistic for a successful season. Most notably, this upcoming homecoming weekend will be a time to set the tone, as there will be a large number of rugby alumni present to show their support. 

Although it will already be a busy weekend, the team encourages fans to carve out a time this Friday to watch their group match up against Air Force on Washburn Field. With a steadily expanding following, the group continues to promote their sport through various media outlets and word of mouth. 

Some CC students are already vocal about their fandom. Drew Greeley ’24 is a club rugby superfan. 

“I found the game to be confusing at first, but watching for only a few minutes proves to be very educational,” Greeley said. “ I can’t wait to support the fellas in short shorts at homecoming!”

The Cutthroats also look to build on their successful reputation Oct. 8. against the Airforce Falcons. For CC fans answering the call to “Get Stupid Rowdy,” as advertised on the homecoming poster, with food, drink, and bruising hits — without the protective equipment included in some of CC’s varsity sports — Cutthroats kick off at 6 p.m. and the men’s team at 8 p.m.

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