October 8, 2021 | SPORTS | By Quinn Guevara | Photo by Tamar Crump

Every athlete on campus can attest to this statement: as hard as every player pushes on the field, court, ice, track, or pool, they need to push even harder in the gym. Each varsity sports team spends time in the weight room, both in and out of season — and it shows in their performance. That being said, with every weight room, you need a trainer who is energetic, knowledgeable, and strong. 

Last year, the Tigers were led in the weight room by renowned strength and conditioning coach, Scott Caufield. He brought along current assistant strength and conditioning coaches Emily Anderson and Derek “DEREK” Savage. After Caulfield left to take a position at Norwich University in Vermont, the Tigers needed someone to take the reins: new head strength and conditioning Coach, Cam Davidson.

Davidson is no stranger to high level athletics. He was a collegiate wrestler at the University of Wyoming and has coached at numerous schools including Clemson, College of Charleston, Marshall University, and University of Wyoming (his alma mater). 

Right before he came to CC, he spent 10 years at the most reputable school of all: Pennsylvania State University. Penn State is renowned for having top tier football, lacrosse, volleyball, and hockey. Of the teams he helped in the weight room, the volleyball team has won three national championships and the hockey team has won two Big Ten championships. 

Davidson brings his experience and championship culture to CC. He works primarily with the hockey team and according to players, is bringing nothing but positive changes. 

 “Coach Davidson has been essential for our team this year in the weight room. He is creating lifts and exercises that are specific and designed for hockey-centric movement,” said ice hockey forward Ray Christy ’24. “He has been great; he has an excellent balance of motivating us to improve strength and conditioning and as well as positive energy for our program.” 

Davidson is creating plans for his teams and fostering a positive environment to push his players, but every athlete knows that a strength and conditioning coach is so much more than that. They need to bring an understanding of what it means to be a student athlete as well as an ability to adapt from team to team and from athlete to athlete. 

“Coach Davidson has been different than other strength coaches in the past because of his attention to detail. His detailed and hockey-specific exercises help us focus on using specific muscle groups that will translate to our strength on the ice,” Christy said. “Another key difference he exemplifies is his passion for us to succeed. He is always around and open for our inputs.”

Davidson’s desire for change expands beyond the weight room, though. 

“He understands the life of a college student, so he is understanding. He creates lifts that are best fit for how our bodies are feeling and as well specific strengths we need to improve,” Christy said. “He also understands the importance of nutrition, detailed preparation, and form that allows our team to maximize our potential.” 

With all of the new developments for the hockey team, the addition of Davidson may mean that what impacts the Tigers the most on the ice is the work that they put in off of it.  

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