Colorful countertops, brick walls, and green potted plants create a calm atmosphere at Nourish Organic Juice Bar. No tables in the restaurant are the same shape or size, and two long leather couches fill the space in the middle, allowing for a relaxed and casual dining environment. Nourish feels more community-centered than Ola, another juice bar in downtown Colorado Springs. Its large restaurant space, small retail selection, and long, open bar welcome customers to sit and stay. 

Photos By Becca Stine

“At Nourish we know that you are choosing to change the world for the better with every purchase,” the restaurant website reads. “We all want our children to have a beautiful and peaceful planet to grow up in.” Everything about the dining experience feels intentional and in service of the customers’ health, as well as of the environment at large. All the produce is organic and sustainably sourced, and the packaging and utensils are completely compostable. 

“I liked that they had a kids’ corner,” Cassidy Lam ’19 said. “That was cool. And the smoothie was good; it wasn’t too sweet.”

The selection of bowls and salads is diverse and delicious. Options range from a fresh and crunchy kale salad, Mediterranean salad, and spinach salad, to more filling options of an Asian noodle bowl or lemony quinoa tabbouleh salad. Nourish makes salad dressings, soups, and other products each day from scratch. Many of these items are also available to purchase.

Despite the deliciousness of the food options, Nourish is best known for its juice and smoothie selection. They sell a variety of fresh juices in glass bottles, half gallons, and gallons, and the incredible flavors of each juice make it hard to believe there is no added sugar. Nourish blends produce I have never thought to mix into a drink, like purple cabbage and cilantro. For those who seek a more filling beverage, the menu offers a beautiful display of smoothies with creative and inviting names like “Childlike Wonder” and “Chocolate River.” And if customers desire something sweet after their meal, Nourish also makes their own gluten-free baked items and snacks. 

The woman behind the counter was incredibly welcoming. Each time someone walked into the restaurant or another member of staff came behind the counter, she would say excitedly, “It’s her first time!” I ordered an immunity shot before I left, which is a blend of ginger, turmeric, lemon, and other intensely healthy ingredients. It was served to me in a shot glass with a slice of orange on the side, and I felt cured of any oncoming sickness almost immediately.

Nourish advocates for customers to know and learn as much about the food as they can­ — their mission is to enhance our understanding of what we eat and where it comes from. For juices and bowls on the menu, Nourish shares with customers the ingredients and nutritional content, so people know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies. 

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