David Lamis is a senior captain and pitcher for Colorado College’s club baseball team, also known as The People’s Ballclub. He’s a president of CC’s Investment Club, and an all-around fun guy. Hit him up next year if you’re in Chicago, because he’ll have a grown-up job and a couch for you to crash on.

Photo by Daniel Sarche´

Ben Hall: Tell me about the season the boys have been having so far.

David Lamis: Alright. First off, I’m really hungover, but we’re gonna get through this. Season’s still fresh … We had a fall season where we played six games, the most the club has ever played in the fall. We’ve got a lot of strong, new freshman talent, along with a reliable core. Big event to plug: Friday evening on April 12 there will be a bus from Worner for a 7 p.m. game under the lights at the iconic Spurgeon Field, the former minor league ballpark of the Colorado Sky Sox. It’s going to be rowdy, so bring your friends.

BH: Who was pitching barefoot last weekend?

DL: I’ll give a few highlights of the season so far. Bryan Swanson [’21] pitching barefoot because the field we were playing on did not allow metal cleats and nobody had size 14 cleats for him to borrow. A real trooper. I struck out 14 guys in one game. Senior Kevin Patterson has worn the same pair of pants without washing them for every baseball game in his CC career. Doing the book after each game has also been a highlight every season.

BH: You recently went on a Venture Grant-funded trip to study tulips, tell me about that.

DL: I can’t believe I got it. I was studying Tulip Mania.

BH: What’s Tulip Mania?

DL: I went to the Netherlands with my freshman year roommate, and for two weeks over spring break we studied the impact of the tulip on Dutch culture; between 1634 and 1637 a tulip bulb went for 10 times the average annual laborers salary at auction. The market famously crashed, people lost fortunes, and it’s generally considered the first economic bubble. The highlight of the research was visiting the Keukenof on opening day. It’s the largest tulip field in the Netherlands.

BH: What was the highlight of the non-research aspect of the trip.

DL: Euro Dave came out in full force.

BH: You’re a New York City guy. Are you worried that Chicago won’t be big enough when you move out there next year?

DL: I think Chicago’s a great city. I will not become a Cubs fan … let’s go Mets. That being said, I’ll definitely be in the bleachers at Wrigley. 

BH: You’ve got a motor that’s been compared to that of Zion Williamson. Where does that stamina come from, and do you agree with that comparison?

DL: It comes from the will to win, the will to compete, the will to get buckets. The NBA lottery is rigged, the Knicks’ envelope will be frozen. The Knicks will get him, KD and Kyrie will both go join him, and no one is going to L.A. for LeBron. Ajax will win the Champions League. 

BH: Thank you for that slew of bold predictions. What are you most proud of during your tenure as president of the CC Investment Club?

DL: Partnering with the Office of Sustainability to invest $20,000 of their endowment in a sustainable way, and promoting ESG investments on campus. Also, did I tell you I went to a rap battle last night?

BH: You did not mention that. 

DL: Quick Dave was hot on the mic. 

BH: Where was this?

DL: To the east, at a wedding venue. It will be on YouTube.  

BH: Any final shoutouts to give?

DL: Obviously shoutout The People’s Ballclub, dish a follow on insta @ccclubbaseball. Shoutout Jacob DeGrom, best pitcher in baseball. Big shoutout James the Tank, the state of Montana, @austinhalpsphoto, Eden Prairie hockey, French toast, my grandma (the first person to get me into baseball), Ham Sale, Ash the dog, and 7 inches.   

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