Located in the bowels of Worner Center, the student mailroom is usually abuzz with activity. Starting in the wee early mornings – about 8:30, yes, that is a.m. – packages begin arriving from all over the country.  Many come from as far away as Forever 21 and Victoria Secret.  One can count on seeing piles upon piles of care packages, unusual clothing found only on the internet, furniture, and motorized scooters.  Occasionally, there will be a textbook or two.  While the winter months bring enough skis to open our own ski shop, the springtime brings all kinds of bicycles.

About noonish, the halls become saturated with students eager to see what the mail gods have bestowed upon them.  Some are amazed at how quickly their purchases have arrived while others lament the slowness of snail mail.  The one thing that can usually be counted on is good-natured waiting in sometimes very long lines.  We all try to keep up with the demand of the line, so the smiles are always welcome.

There are a few challenges to being mail gurus.  The biggest challenge is packages that arrive with no name or only a first name. As unusual as it may seem, there are actually more than one Sam or Courtney in our world.  One can only imagine why anyone would send a package, and sometimes spend a lot of money for someone they are ashamed to admit they know.  Missing Worner box numbers are less of an issue – the system uses names.  Another issue can be cute nicknames, some of which the mail gods are not aware.  It can take some investigation to figure out who Sweet-Pea and Crusty Butt are.  Also, many of our enterprising students start making their first million by running businesses from their Worner boxes, some of which the legality can be iffy.

Challenges aside, “working” the mail at Colorado College is an absolute privilege and possibly the best job to be found anywhere.  We love the students and most of the adults.  When we get up in the morning, we never know what thrills await us.

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