Charlie Simon
Staff Writer

Fundraising efforts for the Tutt Library renovation project began last week with a bang in the form of a five million dollar anonymous donation from a woman in the New York City area.

The donation, which was the single largest donation the college has received from a living individual to date, as well as other money fundraised, will go towards the proposed $45 million dollar expansion and renovation of Tutt Library.

The proposed renovations to Tutt Library are extensive, but the centerpieces will be an additional story built on top of the main building of the library, expanding the library’s footprint east toward North Cascade Avenue and westward towards Palmer Hall, and the removal of the south wing of the library, which currently houses—among other things—the Learning Commons.

“The project will be one of, if not the largest, capital campaign building projects in the college’s history,” said Ivan Gaetz, Director of Tutt Library. “We’re looking to key leaders of the college, board connections, those sorts of things, for contributions.”

To do so, Gaetz is working closely with President Jill Tiefenthaler, us

ing her as a liaison with other members of the community.

“We finished the conceptual designs, we’re now moving into the schematic design, and an architect will be chosen by around the end of October,” said Gaetz.

“It won’t be just the library, it will be a center for immersive learning and engaged teaching,” said Gaetz. “It will very much be a completely reworked user space, a better study space, and a better meeting space for students.”

In addition to housing the library itself, the new space will also be used for the Learning Commons and other programs, including tutoring services.

The new building will also likely follow in the footsteps of the college’s most recent construction projects, pursuing some degree of LEEDs qualification, and eliminate one of Tutt Library’s most distinctive features—the slabs of concrete that cover the exterior of the building.

“A lot, if not most, of the concrete paneling will be removed on the outside, replaced with different kinds of like opaque textures or glass,” said Gaetz. “It will be a completely transformed building.”

The selected architect will be given roughly a year to finish their schematic design, after which a local architect of record will be hired. Construction is slated to start sometime in 2016, likely after the end of the academic year.

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