Alyssa Ortega

Staff Writer

This week’s workout of the week is a swimming workout. It is very important to incorporate different kinds of exercise so that you do not become bored and your body does not negatively adjust to the same workout. Optimal health is reached when the body is pushed to perform different tasks.

Swimming is an excellent way to keep your heart healthy, increase your flexibility, build endurance, and strengthen core. Even hopping in the pool once a week is very beneficial to one’s health. If you are not a regular swimmer, swimming can be very difficult, so do not get immediately discouraged. Make sure to take breaks between intervals.


Warm-up: 16 laps (400 meters) of SLOW freestyle.


First Interval: 8 laps (200 meters) using a kickboard. Choose a kickboard that ends at the middle of your forearm when your arms are extended. Hold the board on the top with your elbows resting on the sides of the board. Start kicking once you have extended your arms and your face is in the water.


Second Interval: 8 laps (200 meters) all-out effort freestyle. Start by kicking off of the. To go forward, lift one arm at a time out of the water. Your elbow should be slightly bent. Extend the arm that is out of the water forward to propel yourself onward. When kicking, your legs should be semi-straight.


Third Interval: one lap kick on your side with the kickboard. Do both left and right for a total of two laps. For this one, just lay on your side with only one hand holding on the kickboard.

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