Jack Burger

Staff Writer

How long have you worked for CC?

I began at CC in August of 1991, so going on 23 years now.

What positions have you filled during your career at Colorado College?

I began as Dean of Students, and then was promoted to Dean of Students/Vice President of Student Life in 2005.

What is your job now and what does that entail?

As the Dean of Students/Vice President for Student Life, my scope involves overseeing the vision and administration of the Student Life division. I spend a lot of my time strategizing and ensuring future students have the same rich experiences. I help manage co-curricular activities of the student environment and ensure they mesh with the academic mission of the college. My position involves acknowledging that the learning experience is of course academic and occurs in class, but outside of the classroom in our dorms, galleries, theatres, and across campus we have learning communities.

What is your favorite aspect of Colorado College?

My favorite aspect is the students. What a delightful and wonderful group of students I’ve been blessed to work with. The students at Colorado College are bright, interesting, inquisitive, and are not afraid to take on a challenge.

Do you have any children?

No children.

What do you think about the Catalyst and role of student journalism in general at CC?

The Catalyst, Cipher Magazine, Leviathan, The Nugget yearbook, CC Alpine Journal, and Hulbert press are all an important part of Colorado College communication. These publications are also an integral part of providing students seeking a career in journalism or publishing real world experience. I believe every college needs an active student newspaper.

I hear you are one of the judges for Battle of the Bands this year. What are your expectations for that event?

A lot of fun.

What types of music do you enjoy most?

My favorite music is gospel. I grew up listening to gospel, blues, and country, and they remain my favorite genres to this day. I also occasionally enjoy opera.

Should the bands keep anything in mind while playing for you?

That not only do I find music important, but showmanship is of great importance. Are the students showing a love for both the music and connection to the audience? Are the musicians giving it all they’ve got? Musicians must be able to sell both the music and the performance.

Who would you like to see as a 10 Questions Interviewee in the future?

Susan Ashley

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