Samantha Buxbaum

Staff Writer


Wins here, wins there, wins everywhere – this is how Colorado College’s men’s and women’s tennis teams started their season against Colorado Christian University (CCU). The men’s tennis team celebrated this 2014 spring opener with an 8-1 victory in Denver against CCU.

After a couple of losses at No.1 singles, players Levi Kimmel, Jack Burger, Casey Shaw, and Dylan Ball all triumphed as doubles winners. Guitierrez and Shaw won 8-4 at No. 1 doubles, Kemmel and Burger won 8-1 at No. 2, and Ball and Weeks won with an impressive 8-0 final score at No. 3 doubles. And, to top that, all five of CC men’s tennis’ singles victories came in straight sets.

For the women’s matches against CCU in Denver, Head Coach Anthony Weber said he and the girls “knew it would be a touch match.”

Although CCU prevailed in five of six singles matches to finish with a 5-4 victory, our women’s team made CCU put up a fight by grabbing a 3-0 lead after the doubles competition.

 “We played well and put in our best effort,“ said senior Caila Criss.  “Even though we didn’t pull out a win, I think it was a really impressive season opener.”

 “The women’s team has made some big strides,” said Head Coach Anthony Weber, who was recently promoted to be Head Coach of the Men’s team as well. He compliments improvements “in our movement and confidence, in ending points quicker on the doubles, playing more efficiently, and working to be very active from the start.”

Criss says, “Both the men’s and women’s teams played very gutsy, intelligent tennis.” One of her goals for this season is for everyone to “have fun and push ourselves on the court” to finish off a great season.

As everyone knows in sports, “no guts, no glory,” so keep an eye out for our men’s and women’s tennis team as they continue their spring 2014 season. GO TIGERS! 

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