Next week, the annual Battle of Bands will begin  its first round beginning on Wednesday in the CC Carriage House. A patchwork consisting of everything from jam bands, rock/alt, electronica, jazz, funk to space disco, pinto bands, and aboriginal jazz, these 27 bands will play and compete in front of students and a panel of judges. The three best bands will win an opportunity to play Llamapalooza this year. There will be student bands with a little something for everybody. Here are this year’s contestants speaking for themselves:


Friday March 7, 8:10 pm

An all-freshman band whose music includes elements of soul, funk, rock and a dash of ska. We are five friends and five musicians. We’ve carefully concocted a set that offers an original song, a few classics, and one or two (or three) surprises. We love playing together, and we love watching people dance to our music. Come prepared to get down.


Middle School Dance Party

March 5, 7:40 pm

A group of guys trying to relive their middle school fantasies. Blend of west coast punk, mainstream pop, and soul. It’s “time to pretend” you’re in middle school again.

–singer/guitarist, Cole Heathcott

The Drunk Molly Experience

March 6, 10:10 pm

Named after the mythical creature Molly (last name omitted), The Drunk Molly Experience is back for its fourth Battle of the Bands appearance. Led by guitarist Edward Cullen, singer Frodo, bassist Mark Hoppus, drummer General Palmer, and Collin “Fast Fingers” Who, this band promises to have your gluteus maximus movin’.

–singer/guitarist, Jesse Paul

Drunk Uncle

March 5, 9:10 pm

We play jammy rock music, most of which is original music written by Max Grossenbacher, a sophomore here. The audience should expect to jam the f*** out.

–drummer, Ben Justman

King Duck

What is it? Is it jazz? Is it funk? Is it cybergrind? It’s probably cybergrind. King Duck, an eight-piece band comprised of four horns and four people in the rhythm section, will be pleased to bring to the CC community heavy lovin’ on stage.

–Abe Mamet

Refried Beans

Droppin’ the fresh grooves from early ‘80s to new-age disco beats, Refried Jeans is sure to funk you up. If our tasty licks aren’t enough to get you hot, our denim getup will be enough eye candy to spice up your night. Prepare to get frisky with Refried Jeans!

-Gracie Rennecker

Sleepy Mersh

A collaboration between producer “sleepy” James Farrell and singer/songwriter Oliver “mersh” Hagelin, the act will feature experimental electronic music centered around guitar riffs and disney tracks. This original style will weird you out!

–singer, Oliver Hagelin


DJ LoLKatz

My name is DJ LoLKatz, and I play hip-hop, pop, and dance music. I move through a variety of styles and time periods, playing a selection of modern classics and futuristic dance beats. The audience should expect to: 1. Point to the window, 2. point to the wall, 3. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

We may really want to lose three pounds, our hair may be full of secrets, and maybe we don’t even go here. But the name’s On Wednesdays We Wear Pink – we’re gonna knock your socks off with our indie rock ‘n roll and its slight aftertaste of Finnish thrash metal.

-Jake O’Hare

Randy and The Reptiles

Featuring the funkadelic vibes of a variety of juniors and sophomores, Randy & the Reptiles hopes to just plain funk out. We’re playing some old-school tunes with some new twists. Watch out for the accordion and some mind-blowing harmonies duuuuuuuuudes!!! WE ARE THE REPTILES… but who is Randy?!

-Eliza Densmore

And these are just to name a few. We were unable to get in touch with the rest of the bands that have signed up for Battle of the Bands, but this event is not one to miss. Prepare to jam out, get jiggy, and get weird – may the best bands win! The rest of the bands are listed below.



The Raisins


Male Nurse

Limp Bisquik

Süfficient Ïodine

Doughnut Wilson

The Hank Williams All-Star Jam Tribute Band


E.T. and The Jacksons


Sutpen’s One

Heavy Petting Zoo

Refried Jeans


Chuck Sheen and The Platoon

Sleepy James

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