Charlie Simon

Staff Writer

Colorado College’s CCSGA is expanding – into the basement of Jackson house. The new space that CCSGA has acquired will be used as a storage space for student groups and clubs.

The decision to create the storage space is a reaction to the controversy surrounding the PlayHard event Ice Age last semester. “It’s in response to Ice Age, we had to make available the things that PlayHard said they’re buying to be available for other clubs. So, this is the way we’re making it available,” says Taka Kondo, CCSGA Finance Representative.

Isaac Green, CCSGA President, expounds further on the importance of the new storage space, saying, “Having a student storage space has been a problem for quite some time. Students have consistently come to us and said, ‘We have things that we need to store over either the summer or for the entire school year for a big event that we hold yearly,’ and there have been problems around that, like students who keep items regarding their clubs in their rooms and then if someone graduates, they may forget and take it with them. This is a way that student groups, student government, and other organizations can store things in a safe and relatively simple way.”

However, as it stands right now, the new storage space is largely empty. Both Kondo and Green hope this will soon change, and encourage student groups to look into using the new storage space. “Right now, it’s empty, and we welcome student groups,” says Green.

Although CCSGA has started by only expanding into one room in the basement of Jackson house, they are confident that the space will be large enough to accommodate any student club’s needs.

“We want student groups to fill it up. If it starts getting full, of course then we’ll go talk to whoever we need to talk to,” says Kondo. “If we need to, then we’d get a bigger space and tell them we need a bigger space for these student groups. They have so much stuff that it’s not going to work with what we currently have.”

But for all the excitement surrounding the new storage space, members of CCSGA readily admit that the new storage space is less than perfect. “Jackson isn’t ideal,” recognizes Kondo. “Ideally we’d be in kind of like a garage – that’d be really easy to get in and out of – centrally on campus, but that’s shooting for the moon.”

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