Jack Burger

Staff Writer

1.      Where are you from?

The greatest city in the world: Chicago.

2.      Why did you choose CC?

When I visited the college as a prospective student, it just fit. That was really corny, but when my host picked me up from the airport, we listened to my favorite band on the way back. All his friends and I played my favorite board game, we won a great intramural soccer game, and I met so many students that night. The next day I sat in on an amazing History class with Carol Neel. Needless to say, it was the perfect CC experience.


3.      What are you studying?

I am a History-Political Science major with a concentration in the United States.

4.      Why did you decide to run for President of CCSGA?

I believe that the President of CCSGA needs to have three qualities: leadership, relationships with the administration, and the ability to identify and solve problems students are facing. As someone very involved in many student organizations, who had built relationships with Jill and the Deans, and who had heard many student concerns regarding various issues on campus, I felt that I was best qualified to help advocate for students and develop a sleeker Student Government.

5.      What does your job entail?

Most of my job is overseeing the operations of Student Government, namely our four committees: Outreach, Finance, Student Concerns, and Internal Affairs. I raise issues of student concern to college leadership and try to devise solutions to those problems. People come to me with new ideas that could help improve our campus, and it’s my job to work through those ideas and help them come to fruition.

6.      What do you enjoy most about your job?

The people. Our CCSGA Full Council is an amazing group of students who are dedicated to improving the experience of their peers, and I love watching them work hard towards that goal. I also enjoy being complimented and criticized for the actions of CCSGA because I appreciate when students become engaged in conversations of the greater college community.

7.      What does CCSGA hope to accomplish before the end of the year?

Many of our initiatives will culminate before the end of the school year or at the beginning of the summer. We are launching our new website, working towards adding a Chase ATM in Worner, advancing our mobile presence, potentially hosting a City Council member dinner, expanding Gold Card Plus in Colorado Springs, and working towards renovating the lobby space in Worner to be a more student-friendly and welcoming space, among many other things.

8.      Do you have any plans for after you graduate?

This summer I am doing my dream road-trip across the United States to visit all the Presidential Libraries. For the job question, I have a few offers and a few applications out there, but nothing solidified yet.

9.      What is your favorite class that you have taken?

Constitutional Law with Dana Wittmer. She’s phenomenal, and it completely changed the way I thought about laws, government, and civil rights.

10.     What did you do last block break?

I drank mimosas, read biographies, and played pool at Phantom. Ideal.

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