WadaWada.1.24.14.kikikauffman.9If you have visited downtown Colorado Springs, you have likely noticed the food trucks gathered down Nevada, across the street from Palmer High School. Curbside Cuisine, located at 225 N. Nevada Ave., hosts nearly ten food trucks with fare ranging from Jamaican Jerk to gourmet desserts. One of the most popular among students though, is WADA WADA, the Korean barbeque truck.

Owned and operated solely by Suk Im and her niece, Sun Park, WADA WADA serves food inspired by Im’s upbringing in Seoul, South Korea. Open five days a week, from Tuesday through Saturday, the menu varies according to available products and the duo makes the food fresh on a daily basis.

At WADA WADA, customers can choose between smaller bites or larger ones such as a tortilla wrap ($7), a salad ($7), or a rice bowl ($8) with their choice of protein. Im and her niece make their marinades and sauces from scratch, evoking traditional Korean flavors such as hints of soy, ginger, and earthy umami.

My friend and I opted for the bulgogi rice bowl, a classic Korean barbeque-marinated beef dish, served with a dressed salad and a side of rice. The thinly sliced grilled rib eye topped with sesame seeds packs bold flavor, and the sides are definitely worth the extra dollar. Where the vegetarian tofu dumplings ($5) lacked excitement, the kimchi tacos ($5) certainly made up for it (despite Im’s warning that they are so spicy I might cry!). Im whipped up some kimchi pancakes for us free of charge during our visit, which topped off my favorite dish of the day.

While WADA WADA was out of some menu options when we visited (I originally ordered spicy pork, which they were out of that day), the tiny orange truck didn’t disappoint in the exhibition of bold traditional Korean barbeque flavors. Despite the modern setting and a widespread national trend towards Korean fusion cuisine, WADA WADA remains true to traditional roots and techniques. It’s easy to pay with either cash or a card, and if you hang around long enough, you might just be treated to free food!

Emma Volk

Guest Writer

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