If you are reading this, chances are you have better taste than the average CC beer drinker. You’re probably the kid walking around the party clutching a bomber while everyone else suckles from a PBR can. That’s right, you’re the shepherd! You’re one who needs to lead people away from their filthy drinking habits and towards the light.

“But nice beer is so expensive,” the $18 30-rack purchaser will lament to you. And it’s true. Spending $10-$20 on a single bomber is ridiculous. But what if I told you there is an alternative? What if I told you there is a place where you can try some world-renowned beers at a fraction of their bottle price.

My fellow BrewHaHa writers and I have been telling y’all over and over again about Brewer’s Republic, yet I never see fellow students at the bar. Stop sleeping! Wake up and join us down at Brewer’s Republic!

Nestled on Nevada across from City Rock, Brewer’s Republic’s downtown bar and restaurant is within perfect walking distance. The Republic even offers a discount on beer if you went climbing at the gym before going in.

Brick, wood, and steel lend the place its casual atmosphere. Couches in the corners of the bar free up a place to drink in private with friends and play one of their many board games. (Yes, they have Cards Against Humanity.)

The real clincher obviously lies in Brewer’s Republic’s beer selection. They have a 20-keg tap loaded with amazing and rare beers, along with a bottle selection of about another dozen brews. With such a vast selection there’s always something for everyone. From stouts and porters to IPAs, wide selections of Belgian-style ales, experimental brews to Colorado staples, they have it all.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Alright. This place seems pretty chill. But how ‘bout the prices?” Well, dear reader, that is the very reason I’m writing this article. The prices ranges from about three to four dollars for a half pint and around six dollars for a full pint. Buy 10 pints, get one free. Oh, did I mention that you can sample any beer before buying it? Yeah. This place is that great.

Hungry? Brewer’s has a full menu offering things like pizza, sandwiches, chili, and even fried Twinkies. All of it is reasonably priced between five and ten dollars.

I’ve been into Brewer’s more time than I can count – sometimes, multiple days in a row. Every time I go in, they have something new on tap. Every. Single. Time. There’s always something I’ve never heard of, and usually some $20 bomber that I’ve seen before but never had the money to dish out for it. Paying six dollars to get a pint of beer worth $20 in a bomber is ridiculously awesome.

What kind of $20 bombers am I talking about? Well, for starters they usually have some kooky Dogfish Head experimental ale on tap. How about Firestone-Walker’s XVII Anniversary Ale? You bet. Beers hard to find anywhere else like barrel-aged Ten Fidy or
Elevation’s Señorita (a horchata porter), and Pizza Port’s Older Viscosity frequent the taps.

Taproom takeovers frequently occur by some big names in the beer world such as Stone, Oskar Blues, New Belgium, Speakeasy, and more. For those of you with a thicker wallet, Brewer’s Republic also offers Beer Dinner events. They take five beers from a single brewery and add five courses that complement each of the beers. Tickets are usually $40, but for five beers and a five-course dinner you’ll be sure to leave happy.

I know this article has been a departure from my normal formula, so I will end with my favorite beer from my last visit: Greenflash Brewery’s Double Columbus IPA. This one is for hopheads only.

It pours a clear, pale amber with a lingering white head. Big citrusy hop notes invade your nostrils with a slight yeast scent to boot.

With first taste comes a slightly sweet, velvety, caramel sensation. This, however, quickly dissipates into a huge slap in the taste buds of citrus and hops. Bold grapefruit and pine flow into bitter hop taste that’ll linger and almost ruin your taste buds. (Trust me – that’s a good thing).

With a name like Double Columbus, you would expect some malts, right? I mean, it is a double IPA after all. Well, you’d be wrong. Double Columbus doesn’t mess with malts; in fact, it has the body of a single IPA, but the hop flavors of a double. This 8.8 percent ABV, 98 IBU beast is just what I like.

Although this beer will most likely not be on tap by the time this article is published, it serves as a great example for the type of bold and exciting beers Brewer’s Republic always serves. They have a pretty well updated menu on Facebook and through Twitter so keep an eye out to catch super rare beers being tapped, and I hope to see you there soon.

Justin Frank

Staff Writer

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