A car was seized outside Ticknor Hall last Friday afternoon in connection with two individuals’ suspicious activity involving textbooks and possibly drugs.


Two Campus Safety officers noticed a man with an armful of textbooks around 1 p.m. walking around Ticknor’s exterior. The man exited a late-model sedan and walked towards the Worner Center, while his two companions, a female driver and a male passenger, remained in the car, according to Director of Campus Safety Pat Cunningham.


“Given the issue of people trying to sell back stolen textbooks on campuses this time of year, the officers thought that looked suspicious,” said Cunningham.


Campus Resource Officer Jason Newton was called to the scene and arrested the driver of the car for operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license. The other passenger in the sedan had no outstanding warrants and was issued a criminal trespass warning.


Police were unable to make contact with the textbook-wielding male in Worner Center. The driver told police that he thinks he saw officers and fled the scene, according to Newton.


Following the initial detainments, the vehicle was searched and several drug-related items were found, including hypodermic needles.


As of Monday, there was no further information about possible drug charges involved in this case, police said.


“One male is still outstanding, and we are investigating to see if the books are stolen,” Newton said.




Mallory Shipe

Staff Writer

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