The New Year means new opportunities for a number of Colorado College students as the Half Block program begins on Jan. 6 with 13 courses open to all students.


Residence halls will open their doors on Jan. 5 at 8 a.m. for the start of the brief session.


During the 14-day window presented by this program, both for-credit and not-for-credit classes and opportunities will be offered both on and off campus.


“This will be the first time that we will be offering non-credit courses,” said Megan Nicklaus, Director of the Career Center. “We want to give students the chance to spend more time developing skills that they want to develop.”


From getting certified to be a Wilderness First Responder to learning all about pseudoscience in Psychology, a vast range of interests are catered to by the Half Block.


“Students have needs to fill beyond their liberal arts education and these classes have been designed to provide them with all sorts of new opportunities,” said Nicklaus.


To this day, 418 have been filled in the 32 for-credit classes that will be held. In addition, there are 246 enrollments in the 23 not-for-credit classes.


Despite the fact that the Half Block program is far from new to the college, a number of career development courses offered this school year are. Among the course list are classes designed to prepare students for tests like the GMAT and MCAT, which last nine days in total and are free of charge to all students.


As if the plethora of intellectual opportunities offered were not enough, the Career Center has worked hand-in-hand with alumni and professors to offer alternative activities for students.


“One of the events we’ll be hosting will be the Etiquette Dinner on Jan. 16 to walk you through what to do when you, for example, walk into a formal dinner or a business meeting and initiate conversation and formally dine, because often people will see 17 forks and knives and not know what to do,” said Megan Nicklaus.


However, if this luxurious dining experience does not intrigue you, fear not Tigers, because you are saved — Rastall Cafe will be open for students, so the only forks and spoons you will be getting will be for your Lucky Charms and macaroni and cheese.


Seminars hosted that cover topics such as how to use social media to your advantage, hosted by Brad Friedman, Colorado College alumni, on Jan. 9.


In addition, there will be a three-day seminar debriefing IT collaboration in the workplace, Jan. 6-8 led by Patrick Bultema, Executive Director of Entrepeneurship at Colorado College.


If you have not yet seized the opportunity to enroll in these extracurricular events, that ship has not sailed. In order to sign up for any non-credit options, students may do so through their SUMMIT accounts.





Candelaria Alcat

Staff Writer

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