In another response to last month’s Ice Age funding controversy, the Colorado College Student Government Association recently passed a new amendment that mandates hearings for financial applications upwards of $5,000.

Before now, only the five members of the student government’s Finance Committee heard applications for any amount of money.

“The main intent of this amendment is to broaden the amount and increase the number of voices and opinions on the subject for the Finance Committee to hear and to take into account,” said Alejandro Salazar, vice president of finance. “Now we have the opinion of 20 people instead of five.”

Groups applying for budgets over this threshold will break down in full detail where the money will be spent. Afterwards, the CCSGA council will ask any questions they have in response to the proposal, followed by an open discussion of what is and is not necessary.

A few days later, the Finance Committee will reconvene to vote on the proposed budget.

The full council is not involved with this final vote for reasons associated with the checks and balance system.

“We kept it this way because it would otherwise mess with the delegated authorities outlined in our constitution,” Salazar said.

CCSGA also considered creating a student forum to question and discuss the budget. Doubts about the effectiveness, orderliness, and high student attendance prompted the rejection of such an idea.

Although the entire structure has not been finalized, the amendment went immediately into effect upon its approval. In fact, CCSGA had already tested this method with the Black Student Union before its passage.

Salazar admits that the meeting was “a little messy,” but has faith that with more experience, the quirks will sort themselves out.

Elizabeth Forster, Staff Writer

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