Elizabeth Wright Ingraham, Colorado Springs celebrity and prolific architect, passed away in her humble abode in San Antonio, Texas on Sept. 15 at the age of 91.

Ingraham was the granddaughter of internationally accredited American architect, writer, educator, and interior designer, Frank Lloyd Wright. Throughout his lifetime, he designed well over a thousand structures and completed approximately 532 of those pieces.

His eldest son John Lloyd Wright, inventor of Lincoln Logs, married Hazel Lundin; together, they had Elizabeth Wright Ingraham in 1922.

Born in Oak Park, Illinois, Ingraham traveled extensively throughout her years, seeking to maximize life’s potential. She began doing so by studying at what is now the Illinois Institute of Technology, and later at the University of California at Berkeley. During her studies, she met Gordon Ingraham, who became her husband.

After Ingraham obtained her architectural license in 1947, the two hit the road on the search for the perfect place to settle down. Once they reached Colorado Springs, they knew their search was over.

According to The Gazette, the two founded an architectural firm called “Ingraham & Ingraham, Architects,” that designed more than 90 homes, including the Beadles home in 1951.

Elizabeth continued providing Colorado Springs and the nation with opportunities, as she founded the Wright-Ingraham Institute, based along the Front Range of Colorado, in 1970, “for the comprehensive study of environmental and land use issues on the Front Range of Colorado,” reported the Denver Post.

Her penchant for expanding the education of society did not end there. Joining forces with Colorado College, Ingraham founded an international exchange program called Crossroads.

At the community end of things, Ingraham also joined innumerable task forces and boards of advisors to work with other local architects and businesspeople. She joined the State Board of Examiners of Architects and founded the Women’s Forum of Colorado.

This past January, she set off to San Antonio to live with one of her sons, Michael Ingraham. During her time there, her family said that she seemed well until quite recently when she began showing early signs of dementia, reported the Gazette.

She passed away on the Sept. 15 due to congestive heart failure.

Elizabeth Wright Ingraham led a life dedicated to bettering the world, Colorado Springs, and those close to her. Throughout her life, she built over 150 projects and changed innumerable lives. A memorial service will be held later this month in her memory.

Candelaria Alcat

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