La Sportiva is a dominating force in the outdoor gear industry, especially in climbing shoes. Their commitment to quality and innovation makes them a popular brand among climbers. The La Spotiva Miura is a well-known climbing shoe. Alex Honold climbed his legendary free solo of El Capitan in these, and famous climber Tommy Caldwell is a fan. Even among us lesser beings, the Miura is a very popular shoe. There are two versions of the Miura: the Lace and the Velcro. Although they share the same name, the ‘La Sportiva Miura VS’ (Velcro) and the ‘Miura Lace’ are two very different shoes.

The Miura VS, the more expensive of the two at $170 full retail, is an aggressive, down-turned shoe, made for bouldering and/or sport climbing. It is easier to put on than the Miura Lace and it has a super comfortable, padded, sweat-wicking tongue. It hugs your foot well, but is a little looser at the ankle than some might like. In addition, some women find it a little loose around the heel.

However, I have found that my foot stays in the heel cup better than other aggressive shoes I have tried on, and the padded tongue coupled with the three Velcro straps makes the overall fit snug. The shoe makes up for the looser heel cup with great edging power and a precise feel. It’s more durable than the Miura Lace and is a great option for those interested in a great, aggressive bouldering and sport-climbing shoe.

The Miura Lace is a fantastic all-around technical climbing shoe. At $140 full retail, this was my first climbing shoe, and after many years is still my favorite. It is the one I will most likely grab from the shelf when heading out for both longer multi-pitch climbs and shorter sport days. The sticky rubber allows for great edging power, good for smearing and an overall precise feel.

Unfortunately, it is not a great shoe for crack climbing and toe-jamming. Due to the pointed toe and slightly downturned sole, it’s a little painful to wear while crack climbing, and the laces can sometimes break and wear during the process. Although these shoes are very comfortable right out of the box, they do stretch a little, but not as much as one might expect from leather shoes.

In short, the ‘La Sportiva Miura Lace’ is a great shoe, but very different from the ‘Miura VS’, which are awesome, aggressive climbing shoes for bouldering and sport climbing. The Miuras are a fantastic shoe with a slight downturn, and are a great all-around technical climbing shoe for almost all kinds of climbing. Both of these shoes are great options for the intermediate climber looking for the next-level climbing shoe.


Jamie Sarafan

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