This week we’re dropping straight into the advice.  It was a crazy couple of days in the NFL, so there are a lot of players on the move that you will want to know about.

The Sunny Side – Running Backs:

Things are looking better for Stevan Ridley, Alfred Morris, and Doug Martin.  Go after them if you have the chance.

If you’re looking at Ridley’s points right now, I know it seems like not much has changed, but he ran hard when he had the ball, got the most touches, AND did the most goal-line work (although Brandon Bolden did snag a few goal line looks as well).

Morris and Martin are just average so far, but will produce at this baseline for the rest of the season.  That means their ticket price is at its lowest now.

Pick-Ups:  You should get Rashad Jennings this week, who could start for the raiders, and Danny Woodhead.  And if you have a bench spot you should snag a guy named Andre Ellington on the Cardinals.  Sometime in the next couple of weeks, he’s going to go big.

The Stormy Side – Running Backs:

Things will get worse for MJD, Ryan Matthews, and Darren McFadden.  Sell high on these guys, preferably for someone mentioned above.

McFadden is like that sports car you always wanted.  It’s so shiny and pretty, and after you’ve taken it to the shop for the thirteenth time you’ll wish you bought that nice, dependable, American-made Frank Gore.

Matthew’s chances of scoring a rushing touchdown this year are about as high as my chances of scoring a rushing touchdown this year.

And to keep going with the metaphors, MJD is anything horrible.  He can be an anchor, or a sack of bowling balls, or the new Wendy’s spokesman.  He’s the Chihuahua that won’t let go of your ankles.  Punt him!  Punt him like Baxter!  Before it’s too late!

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