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Slocum is definitely “greener” on the other side—or at least after its $14 million renovation.

Jealousy on the Colorado College campus has been running thick ever since Slocum Hall underwent renovations during the first half of 2013.

With improvements that include better temperature regulation, more open space, a decked-out lounge and—wait for it—double flush toilets, it is no wonder that non-Slocum students are feeling a little left out.

Beyond its glimmer and visual appeal, the main reason for Slocum’s renovation is actually quite chivalrous; Slocum is helping the environment.  Before renovations, Slocum used a steam-based heating system, which is a form of boiler heating.

After renovations, Slocum switched over to an HVAC system, a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system which is a more efficient form of heating and cooling.  Instead of the original system which converted heat to cooler air, the cool hallways of Slocum are now due to the HVAC’s regulation of the temperature and humidity, which brings fresh air from outdoors and relocates the hot air from inside.

Along with the new HVAC system, Slocum is also acting greener with its new low-flow water fixtures, energy saving lights, and exterior wall insulation.

The ambiance certainly adds to the new Slocum as well.  “I’m really digging the aesthetic look of the new editions,” says Gabriel Sashihara,  a first-year who visited Slocum last year to play music with his older brother, Eli.

“I definitely like it,” says Martina Glasgow, a sophomore. “Definitely better than Matthias.”

Before renovations, the bathrooms were “like taking a bath in the 50s and not private at all,” says Marly Jamason, a junio who was a Slocum RA last year.

With the new makeover, Slocum is now a place filled with happy showerers.

The lounge is also a dramatic change.  The lounge, which could pass for a four-star hotel lobby, has an accessible kitchen, pool table, foosball table, computer lab, grand piano, television, and a built-in projector and sound system for lectures.

According to Slocum’s RLC Chris Casey, the open space of the lounge vastly improved the sense of Slocum community.  “My office actually has windows,” says Chris. “My visual presence definitely increased.”

Slocum also has some hip new door signs, fully decked-out with stainless steel Rocky Mountains on the top and a “Boogie Board” sketch pad.

The Boogie Board tablet, which any jealous Loomis or Mathias resident can purchase on Amazon for approximately $25, is basically a mechanical white board with a clear/erase button at the top.

When the overhead lights turn off at 10 p.m. to save energy, the dim lights on the door signs turn on, creating a lovely ambiance.

One criticism among the Slocum residents, however, is that there are too many forced triples.  Gabriel Sashihara points out that a better use for the renovation money would have been to create more rooms rather than pay for all the aesthetics, even if the aesthetics look great.

Hopefully, more dorms will be the main priority when CC renovates Loomis Hall and Mathias Hall in the near future.  At least, one can dream.

Katlyn Frey, Guest Writer

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