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The international fashion week circuit takes place for four weeks each fall, and Block 1 magically coincides with the fashion world’s most important month. While models walk the runways, we walk the streets of Colorado Springs, showing off this season’s neon thrift shop windbreakers.

First week overlaps with New York Fashion Week, second week with London, third with Milan, and fourth with Paris. This schedule makes sense with the dynamic of a block at Colorado College.

First week pairs well with New York City because everything is just getting started and the atmosphere is fun. For Milan fashion week, I recommend paying tribute to Mussolini’s Italy by matching your fav’ army boots with a Friday night look of resentment toward the Colorado Springs Police Department. Fourth week parallels Paris as the campus is quieter, bitchier, and vaguely aggressive.

Block 1 has introduced some new trends, but thankfully many of the classics are still in style. The most fundamental steps in maintaining a well-curated theme party wardrobe are regular trips to The Arc. However, by second week, a lot of the best pieces have already been picked up by eager CC Tigers, so take note: there is a bigger Arc on Academy Boulevard east of CC.

Whilst perusing the racks of Colorado Springs’ premier thrift shopping experience, keep in mind that any Laubscher Wisconsin Cheese t-shirt can be turned into a flirty fringed LAUBSCHER WISCONSIN CHEESE TIE DYE CROP TOP; any Santa Fe High School Track Team 2007 windbreaker can be worn ironically; and unique hats will probably be necessary at some point in the near future.

Fall 2013 has seen a bigger emphasis on the need to repurpose outfits. Since the likelihood you stayed at the Toga, Toga, Toga party for more than 25 minutes before it got shut down is slim, it’s a good idea to find fabric that can be repurposed into a diva dress for the Bacon and Beyoncé party.

It’s always good to have adaptable pieces to wear to a wide variety of theme parties. For example, I picked up a silk and sequin wizard tunic/cape combo at the Goodwill in Baton Rouge. In the hustle and bustle of a traditional CC party night, people might assume I am dressed for the glitter party that doesn’t actually exist, when I’m actually dancing at Snow Pants or No Pants.  It is not necessary to subscribe to a specific theme if you’d rather wear gold lamé shorts and an IBIZA Space tank top for an imaginary Eurotrash party.

The most important event each first block is the first America themed party of the year. Some themes don’t seem to have a clear dress code, but if you’re a trendy young Tiger, even the “Celebration of Women’s Equality and the Recognition of Universal Humanity” party can be USA themed. Nothing channels a sexy rebellious attitude and a disdain for the noise tax like a nice pair of America flag pants or a stars-and-stripes button down. Standing in a sea of red, white, and blue while dancing to “Party in the U.S.A.” might make you forget how hot and claustrophobic it is inside the Twomp.

During New Student Orientation, a freshman spotted me in my star spangled jeans and asked me if there was an America themed party that night. I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Son, we live in a world that has parties, and those parties have to be monitored by men with megaphones and a sense of power. Who’s gonna do it? You, Lt. Weinburg? You want answers? You can’t handle the truth!”

This kind of tirade might not make a lot of sense, but if you’re wearing an American flag and deliver it with confidence nobody will question you. In this kind of situation I would recommend referencing your favorite patriotic movie, e.g. The Patriot, Top Gun, or The Pelican Brief.

When thinking about attending a theme party, or any event for that matter, remember the CC essentials: glitter, fur, body paint, crop tops, neon, tanks, and irony.

The opponents of the CC fashion world are out in full force as parties get shut down left and right, but in the spirit of a liberal arts environment, we can still look great while we parading up and down Uintah.

Brooks Fleet, Style Editor

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