Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 8.57.41 AMThere is a war going on in Colorado. Leaders within our state legislature are being targeted, as is the integrity of the democratic process outlined in the Colorado Constitution. The battle will be waged when special recall elections take place on Sept. 10, and the results will decide the fate of Pueblo’s State Senator Angela Giron and Colorado Springs’ State Senator John Morse.

John Morse was first elected to the Colorado State Senate in 2006, was reelected in 2010, and currently serves as Senate President. Formerly serving as a police officer, EMT, detective, and police chief here in Colorado Springs, John Morse has always been focused on ensuring the safety of Colorado Springs residents. This focus has only widened since he was elected to the State Senate, working on legislation to protect the safety and rights of all Coloradans. Without the bravery and leadership of Senator Morse, Coloradans of all sexual orientations would not have equal access to civil unions, and Colorado would not be leading the way on gun safety in the United States.

These historic pieces of legislation and the rights that Senator Morse has valiantly fought for are in jeopardy if Colorado Springs does not stand up to support him. Special interest groups and big money are behind these recall attempts, and it is time that the voters of District 11 demand who calls the shots. There are numerous reasons why recalling Senator Morse is a horrendous idea, but this article will only touch on the most important ones.

Senator Morse is term-limited in 2014. The Colorado Constitution places term limits on all of its representatives in the state legislature, and Senator Morse is nearing the end of his last term. It is a disgrace to the democratic process of Colorado to hold a costly recall election just one year before Senator Morse will retire from the state legislature. Holding this special election almost two months before regular elections on Nov. 4 will cost the taxpayers of El Paso County almost $200,000, a poor use of taxpayers’ money.

The wealthy special interest groups that are behind these recalls do not have the best interests of Coloradans in mind and have been misinforming District 11 voters every step of the way. The Basic Freedom of Defense Fund, a Durango-based group lobbying for the recall elections, used the out-of-state group Kennedy Enterprises to hire petition circulators who collected voters’ signatures in order to hold this recall. These circulators, some of whom had criminal backgrounds, intentionally misled voters in order to gather their signatures. They told lies about recent gun safety legislation and the work Senator Morse has

done in the state legislature. They even forged voters’ signatures, including a woman who passed away over two years ago.

Students of Colorado College are all residents of Senate District 11. For those of us who are registered to vote in the district, we must go out to the polls between Sept. 5 and 10 to support Senator Morse and keep him in office. Not only are civil union and gun safety legislation in danger of being appealed, but the honor and integrity of state politics in Colorado is also in danger. We cannot allow wealthy special interest groups with little knowledge about constituents’ desires to determine
the course of politics in our state. Stand up to special interest groups and big money; vote NO on the recall of Senator John Morse!

Brad Bachman, Guest Writer

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