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Scott Winkler, a CC graduate of the class of 2013 and an integral member of the hockey team, passed away at home in Asker, Norway on June 12, 2013. He was 23-years-old.

Finding the words to express my sorrow for the passing of Scott has been extremely hard. I will remember Scott as an extraordinary athlete, outstanding leader, and a very hard worker, but, above all, I will remember Scott as an unbelievable friend.

I was fortunate enough to play on Scott’s line this past year, and if I wasn’t playing well, Scott was always the guy to cheer my spirits. I remember numerous times feeling down on the bench and feeling like I was letting down my team, but then I would hear Scott’s voice.

“Starchie, shake it off; were gonna get one next shift.”

Scott called me Starchie, and he had a nickname for everyone on the team.

Hearing this from a guy like Scott, who is well respected and loved so much by the team, meant everything to me. There are countless stories I wish I could share with you, but the one that will stick with me for a lifetime happened this past year.

I was in an economics class with this kid who really didn’t fit in and didn’t have many friends. I happened to be randomly paired with him for a group project.

At practice that day I was telling Winks (Scott’s nickname) about this kid that I was grouped with, and I was explaining to Winks what he looked like and telling him how awkward this kid was.

Immediately, Scott recognized whom I was describing.

I was shocked, and then Scott said: “I was in a class with him and I felt bad ‘cause he had no one to partner with so I invited him into our group. He’s actually a really funny guy. Starch you will get a kick out of him!”

I remember sitting in the locker room and at that very moment realizing, “Wow, Scott isn’t only there for me in times of need, Scott is there for everyone in times of need.”

Scott was right, and my econ partner turned out to be a great guy who was very helpful for our group. I went to go check out my partner’s Facebook last week, and sure enough, the last person to “like” his most recent profile picture was Scott Winkler.

Scott’s kindness touched everyone around him and I will never forget that story and I will never forget the lessons I have learned from my role model, my friend, my idol — Scott Winkler.



Archie Skalbeck

Guest Writer


  1. Great story, Great guy, Great hockey player.. the silent Warrior.. I only wish I would of got the chance to know him better.

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