It’s that time of year again: Battle of the Bands begins this coming Wednesday at the Carriage House. Students from all around campus have searched for other students who play something other than the acoustic guitar in an attempt to form a band that just might play at the legendary Llamapalooza. It is also the time of year that DJs on campus feel the need to remind us that, despite the name of the event being Battle of the Bands, they too deserve to be heard and considered for a set at Llamapalooza. Much like the student body at CC, and more appropriately the CC student body’s collective music library, the groups participating at this year’s Battle of the Bands are all over the place. Everyone knows that half the fun of the Battle of the Bands is naming your band. So here is a list of the ridiculous names of the bands this year, as well as what they would like you to think that they sound like before you hear them next week.

Playing Wednesday, Feb. 6:


An anonymous duo that, “drinks milk with perverts.”  No idea – ask them.

Pearl-Bellied White Eyes


This freshman band plays the self-proclaimed genre of “Urban Outfitters Playlist,” so I guess bring a fixee [fixed gear bike] and tight pants.

The Freight Train Freight Train

This junior band is the only bluegrass band. And you know how much CC loves its bluegrass. Make sure you come prepared with fireball and PBR for this hoedown.

The Raisins

This sophomore band boasts the style of “space party funk” with influences of Indie Folk and Metallica. I am also confused. This will be a good show if you’ve ever wondered what indie folk space party funk metallica sounded like!

Playing Thursday, Feb. 7:

Patrick Hardy

Hot Karl

This purely freshman band is a good old-fashioned rock group. They describe their sound as a “distinct warm feeling on your face.”  Very mature, guys.


Lin3ar Thym3sque@p33s


This junior group will be freestylin’ all up on you with some beats and rapping and the like. Their name implies that certain substances might improve your listening experience?


“Grindcore/Metal/Jam Band hybrid.” I also think their sound comes through in their stage names of Vin Decent Eposure, Randy Respectful, Keith Poon, Ringo, and Ronald Mc&!*%yourface.


DJ Julian Katz is a part of Playhard Productions and you may have seen him at events like Ice Age and Bump!. Bring glowsticks.

Playing Friday, Feb. 8:


This band is full of kids of all ages and is one of the biggest bands with one of the widest array of instruments. They advertise themselves as a “source for all of your acid jazz, funk, and soul needs.” Word.


Endless Dicks

A hardcore/punk/garage rock group from Fort Collins. I think their name effectively communicates their sound.

ADB and Gilbert

Untz Untz.



This is a post-rock brotherly duo that jams on bass and drums. Not to be confused with drum and bass.

Lets Funk With the Lights On

This large senior, junior, and sophomore band will funk you hard. Real hard. Night Fever is in the air, and it is pungent. They boogie, and so will you.


Appropriately closing the first round of the Battle of the Bands. Do we really need words to describe this magnificent band of legend? Editor-In-Chief Jesse Paul calls these guys, “One of the best CC bands. Ever.”

The legendary Logjammers. Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Goodbar
The legendary Logjammers. Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Goodbar

Well there you have it – the schedule for Battle of the Bands preliminary round. Make sure you stop by the Carriage House next Wednesday through Friday beginning at 9 p.m. to support your fellow CC students and friends as they compete for a set at the infamous Llamapalooza in May.

Jordan Wilson

Staff Writer

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