November 9, 2023 | NEWS| By Tia Peterson and Izzy Roe

This week’s beer was the Cinnamon Dolce Nitro Stout from Firestone Walker Brewing Company. This is a first for us! We’ve never reviewed, or consumed, a nitro stout.

At 6%, you definitely cannot taste the alcohol, and that’s the only positive aspect. This beer is gross: it’s heavy and it tastes like coffee. To be very clear, we love coffee. However, we do not like coffee-flavored beer. Separation of coffee and beer, please. The front reminds us strongly of the dreaded Cookie Butter Beer we somehow can’t stop talking about, and the after taste is nothing but coffee. 

This milk stout did not go down well or sit well. For this first beer, we thought that was because we completely neglected to read the instructions for drinking on the can (fancy!). You have to invert the can three times, pour hard and straight down into your glass of choice (empty mason jars that used to contain fall harvest soup) and wait… admire and finally, enjoy. We can tell you right now: the instructions were the best part of drinking this beer.

We performed the correct pour method while drinking the second can, but, unfortunately, it didn’t make a huge difference. We did get to watch the beer settle which was gorgeous – it looks exactly like coffee. The only difference from coffee is that it has a really big head. Interestingly, we didn’t really burp at all – another supporting factor that this is not a good beer. 

Hailing from California, if you couldn’t tell from the classic Californian bear that’s all over the can, this underwhelming beer is infused with cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla. This infusion would be great in coffee! Not beer. 

We didn’t finish the three cans in our one hour time limit, it was more like one-and-a-half hours. Shocking to no one. We wouldn’t drink or buy this beer again, but if you’re curious you can head over to Coaltrain Liquor and get a pack for yourself! For those of you who don’t know, Coaltrain is right next to the worse 7-Eleven by campus. 

Happy third week everyone, we’ll be here the same time and place (as always) next Block. If you’re interested in trying some fall beers, give cranberry beer a try! We unfortunately couldn’t find this at the local liquor stores but wanted to tell you all about it anyway.

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