October 26, 2023 | FEATURES | By Izzy Roe and Tia Peterson

Welcome back! This week we are excited to bring you a beer so good it’s scary.

The beer, “Siren” from TRVE Brewing Co. is a 7% Belgian-style saison beer from Denver (local beer alert)! This brewery’s motto is “Beer. Metal. Denver.,” Making it the perfect beer for Halloween. The Weber Street Liquor employee said that the brewery has a really cool leather goth vibe to it, and we might just have to check it out. 


This can is metal as f*ck. Skulls, a creepy Gollum-like woman, mysterious waters that remind us of “The Princess Bride.”

“Do you know what that sound is, highness? Those are the shrieking eels!” And a full moon.

Perfect for this Halloween season. Notice how we said “Halloween” and not “Jelloween;” you won’t catch us dead in that freshmen-infested frat full of University of Colorado-Boulder wannabes (don’t ask us which one it is, we could not care less). 

We were pleasantly surprised after our first sip. At first, you might think that this beer would have an IPA-like bite to it, but you’d be WRONG. Despite the image of a creepy woman on the front (who looks like us when we were 10 years old trying to do the George Washington hairdo at the local YMCA open pool hours), this is a mellow beer.

 It’s smooth, it’s fruity, it’s a little watery, but most importantly, it’s worth a try. 

We burped a lot, which as you know by now, can only mean one thing: this is a good beer. Along with burps, pair this beer with porch time, friends, and candy corn (don’t forget to check your candy for those shame-bringing, God-endorsing pamphlets that are somehow always on our cars). 

Finally, we would most definitely drink this beer again. And to our surprise, we would chug this beer again. This was the longest chug time in a while (go us!), and we weren’t even scared leading up to it (yay us!).

If you ask the Weber Street Liquor employees for a Halloween-esque beer, they’ll point you in the direction of pumpkin brews and ciders. Ignore those – go straight for this beer. Happy Halloween everyone! Remember: Be safe, have fun, and definitely don’t go to Jelloween. 

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