October 26, 2023 | ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT | By Katie Rowley

By the time this article comes out, Halloween will be just four days away, and the much more exciting “Halloweekend” will be upon us. So, whether you’re still looking for the perfect costume to wear to Tony’s on the actual holiday, or you’re scrambling to pull something together for this weekend, don’t fret, this is the article for you.

Now, as someone who has had their costumes planned out almost a year in advance, I planned to participate in “Halloweek.” Yet, due to poor planning and some horrible thrifting trips, my costume options have dwindled. That’s to say, just so you know exactly who you’re getting these suggestions from, here are some of my costumes: Bluecifer (the statue outside of the Denver International Airport), a witch, Darth Vader, a present (like one you would get on your birthday) and a mimosa (part of a group costume with my friends; we’re all going as different drinks.)

So, now that you know I’ll be slaying for at least five days of Halloweek, here are some ideas of how you can also slay.

Now, I know everyone hates a basic costume, but sometimes those are the easiest to pull together, so I’d recommend scrounging together all the pink you have and calling yourself a Barbie this weekend. It’s topical and simple, and you can film a TikTok saying hi to all the other Barbies that are sure to be hitting the streets this weekend. (Or Ken, you can be Ken. Throw on a fur jacket, or something horse related.)

If pink isn’t calling to you this year, you can always pull the “Mean Girls” route and throw on some lingerie and animal ears. Last year, I went as a tiger, so don’t be afraid to get a little quirky with your animal of choice, especially if you don’t want to be too basic.

In searching for my own costume ideas, I watched hundreds of TikToks and many of them suggested some sort of mystical creature. In reference to the live-action release of “The Little Mermaid,” finding some sparkly and satin pieces and adorning your body with pearls and shells is a perfect and cute low-commitment costume. A fairy costume is also destined to be popular this year. My advice would be to remember what you dressed up as at 5 and recreate it with some of your college clothes.

Now, if you’re looking for a costume that’s a bit more niche or funny, I’m an expert. If you couldn’t tell, some of my costumes for this year are very obscure and funny. Nothing will beat my sexy tiger costume (and the fact that I went around all night telling people I was RoCCy), but, for past Halloweens, I’ve gone as Luigi, Life (I handed out lemons) and a ceiling fan (pompoms included). So, play into those puns!

If you’re looking for unique group costumes, my friends and I were considering dressing up as different bears. I was going to be Pooh Bear, another friend would have been Corduroy Bear and so on. It’s a relatively easy costume, and, if you’re looking to intertwine relevant media in this group idea, one of the costumes could be cocaine bear.

My last suggestion comes in the form of a Taylor Swift reference. It wouldn’t be a Katie-Rowley-Catalyst article without a Taylor Swift reference. On Oct. 27, Swift will be releasing her 1989 re-recording, so don’t be afraid to whip out your Era’s tour outfit or draw inspiration from her sparkly two-piece sets. You could also just embrace the 2014 renaissance Swift and pull out the ripped skinny jeans and flannels.

But, if you truly have no time to whip something up, grab that top sheet from your twin-xl, cut some eye holes, and there you have: the perfect sheet ghost.

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