September 28, 2023 | OPINION | By Elliot Mamet ’15

A recent message from Jen Hoglin, President of the Colorado College Alumni Association Council, announced that the Board of Trustees decided to eliminate the young alumni trustee and elected alumni trustee positions. I write to express my disappointment in that decision.

In my view, Colorado College’s young alumni trustee and elected alumni trustee positions have played a vital role in board governance throughout their history. They have expanded the ranks of those included at the decision making table and as fiduciaries of the college, their perspective has led to more inclusive governance and better board decisions.

I am troubled that the board has eliminated direct alumni voice in the selection of trustees without any advertisement or public comment, period. Ideals of shared governance suggest that major governance changes should be advertised to stakeholders, and that those stakeholders should be able to voice their opinion about policy changes. No public comment was sought in this case; instead, alumni as a whole lost their ability to vote for trustee without knowing about this change or being able to offer their perspective. Alumni deserve input in these significant changes in CC’s governance structure, changes which directly affect them.


Elliot Mamet ’15

Student Trustee (2014-2015)

Alumni Association Council Member (2021 -)

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