September 15, 2023 | OPINION | By Sam Treat 

It is due time that I give some credence to the very specific counterculture that Cheba Hut caters to. Colorado, like my home state of Washington, has long been at the forefront of the second Green Revolution (as I like to reefer to it (haha get it)). While the first Cheba Hut, founded in 1998, was in Arizona, Colorado seems to be a much more fitting home for the chain. 

Cheba Hut’s mission, according to its founder, is to provide unique toasted subs and late-night munchies to those with cravings for quality and homegrown food. Likewise, they appeal to those at risk for a case of the munchies by using choice language in their menu. The sandwich sizes are ‘nug,’ ‘pinner’ and ‘blunt.’ In fact, more than three of their “Frequently Asked Questions” relate to the topic of whether Cheba Hut includes any marijuana products in their food. The answer? “No,” sorry. 

The relaxed environment of Cheba Hut and the stoner-themed messaging make the restaurant a perfect late-night hang. Green tables, colorful wall murals and plenty of televisions will keep even the most braindead entertained. Offering a full menu until 11:30 p.m., Cheba Hut has got the night blazers covered. 

Now, on to the food. As per usual, I made the choice to order only the most popular sandwiches, sides and desserts. I wanted to see what the hype was about. For sandwiches, I got three nugs: the White Widow, the Kali Mist, and the La Canna. I ordered the most popular side: the pretzel bites. Along with the most popular dessert: the rice Krispy treat. 

The White Widow is a chicken, bacon, ranch (CBR) creation that comes, as all sandwiches do, on your choice of bread: white, whole wheat or signature garlic herb. I opted for the signature, and I strongly suggest all interested in the cuisine to follow suit.

The bread, baked daily, was sublime. It held the meat, veggies and sauce in a warm cradle, while adding an extra dose of flavor. The sandwich was a complete win. Ranch can often overpower the flavors of other parts of a dish – but not here. The homemade ranch was the perfect complement to the grilled chicken breast, crunchy bacon and smorgasbord of veggies. As someone who has never been a CBR fan, this may have converted me. 

The Kali Mist is Cheba’s twist on a classic club sandwich, but spicy. In fact, the heat was the first thing I noticed – it smacks you from the first bite. The meat selection was well balanced but  it could have used an extra bacon strip. My largest grievance with this sub was its dryness. The sandwich gave me greater cotton mouth than any herbal undertaking ever has. 

La Canna, a classic Italian with Cheba’s signature spices and dressing, was a bit underwhelming. Maybe it’s my Italian heritage shining through in my tastebuds, but this sandwich simply lacked the Italian flavor I was longing for. Not only that, but the amount of dressing on the sandwich was meager, leaving my mouth dry once more. 

The pretzel bites offered a welcome reprieve. They came accompanied by a delicious and flavorful mustard sauce, but the pretzels would have shone even without it. Coated in a blend of garlic and herbs, the pretzel bites were soft and warm, every bite better than the one before. I polished my meal off with a rice Krispy. I chose original out of fruity, chocolate and original. It was chewy, buttery, and sweet – exactly what I wanted. 

Cheba Hut is a bit of a sanctuary for the more green-fingered, from its deals (get $4.20 off for every $100 you spend) to the decor, to the menu itself. However, it should be on everybody’s list, whether you blaze or not.

Even without the munchies, these sandwiches hit the spot.

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