September 15, 2023 | ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT | By Izzy Roe and Tia Peterson

This week we are excited to bring you one of our all-time favorite beers and one of our burpiest, which, as a reminder, is apparently a good thing?

From Fat Orange Cat Brewing Company, Baby Kittens is a delicious 6.5% alcohol-by-volume Hazy New England Style IPA. If you haven’t picked up on a theme already – it’s cats. It’s a cat themed beer company. What could you not love? Putting allergies aside of course.

Every beer is a different cat, and for this article, we chose Baby Kittens. Unfortunately, we messed up and this beer is not native to Colorado. I think I just wanted it to be so bad that I had convinced myself that a cat beer couldn’t be from anywhere else. But alas it’s from Connecticut (booooo). If you’re curious about the other cats, go to Weber Street Liquor. This beer goes down easy.

Now, to be honest, as everyone knows, we picked this beer originally based on the can design. If you aren’t choosing a beer based on the can, sorry, but you’re insane. As always, our drawing is attached. Don’t look too hard though – this one definitely posed a challenge. Some of these cats look messed up. Since you didn’t see the real can; you won’t ever know if they looked weird on the can too. Anyways, it’s cute as well. We’d love to meet the artist. She (because no man could ever draw something so cute) deserves some important art award (we’re STEM majors so we are obviously the most qualified to make this decision). 

This is probably taste-wise (and let’s be for real, can-wise), the most “us” beer on the market. It’s so good. Similar to the Stone Hazy IPA that we drank last semester, we feel confident naming this beer the nectar of the mother f**king gods. Baby Kittens for the win. Easily one of our favorites.

Surprising no one – don’t chug this beer! We’re bad at chugging – why did we invent this category? Do we hate ourselves? Maybe a little. But one thing is for sure, it does help us get drunk. Unfortunately for us, this tasting was done on a Sunday night. And if you’re not a freshman, who even wants to get drunk on a Sunday night? This is what we do for the job, and for all our loyal fans. You all are welcome. 

This beer truly pairs well with everything. Gossip, Dairy Queen Blizzards, too much information, a pride lava lamp (yeah, we have one of those), and lovely women (us). The only thing that sucked about this was the rain. No porch beers for us. Sad face. 

In essence, we will continue to purr-chase this beer (no, we won’t apologize for that). Peace, Love, Baby Kittens. Purr. Also, we’re going to start making this a pregame activity, not a Sunday night one. Wish us luck. If you see us out, you know why we’re hammered. 

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