September 8, 2023 | FEATURES | By Izzy Roe and Tia Peterson

Block 1, Week 2! We hope you’re not dead from senior calendar events yet. If you are, we have a nice, light beer for you, that is certainly hydrating and totally full of electrolytes. So, keep drinking!

Alpengose Leipzig-Style Gose Ale with Strawberry and Watermelon is deeeeelish and actually local this time! This beer comes from Telluride Brewing Company, and is a salty watermelon in a can and so yummy… Maybe even the best we’ve had so far. It went down smooth and left us feeling good, but not too good if you know what we mean. Basically, we weren’t on the floor (like we usually are after three beers in one hour). We even both rallied later that night which for us is unheard of.

Can design was definitely created by a boomer who has never used Adobe Illustrator before. He (or she #feminism but most likely a man because a woman would do better) might have been looking at a Christmas tree at the time because it’s not a summer can aesthetic. Although, on the can it says “Great for warmer weather.” Make up your mind already. Anyways, the logo was eh, coloring was eh, and just overall not a very exciting can. But what it lacked in the can design it made up for with the liquid sunshine inside.

This beer tasted really good. We could drink it all day. It lacked any hints of strawberry (as marketed in the name) but we like watermelon, so there really were no complaints there. This was our first time reviewing a gose style ale, and, if you haven’t tried it, just imagine any flavor of Liquid IV, but bump up the saltiness because apparently a gose style ale just means salty beer.

If you don’t like sours, this beer is for you. If you don’t like IPAs, this beer is for you. And even if you do like either of those, this beer is for you. Just try it. Low burp count. Overall three burps total. As we learned on our first ever brewery tour, burping is a good thing. Sounds gross, tastes good? So, if you just love to burp, then this sucks. And you’re gross.

We didn’t get drunk from this, just tipsy. So if you’re looking for a bang for your buck, go buy Victory Sour Monkey Sour Tripel. Freak. Weighing in at 5.1% (maybe we need The Catalyst to buy us a hydrometer so that we can actually test the ABV because there was a discrepancy – the website says 4.5%, the can says 5.1%) this beer tasted like juice. And, as we predicted after our very first sip, this beer was in fact, very chuggable – for the first time in Beer for Babes history.

This one’s going down in the hall of fame. Thanks to the Telluride Brewing Company for creating maybe the best beer that Beer for Babes has tried, but work on the can design a little bit please and thank you.

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