September 1, 2023 | FEATURES | By Charlotte Maley

One might say the most integral part of a college student’s day is getting their “little treat”. A little treat, which was a phrase popularized on TikTok, means a small reward for a basic task that one has completed. This “little treat” must be given to oneself, by oneself, and only after a mandatory but otherwise non-strenuous errand, making it a truly beautiful self-care ritual.

For many of us reintegrating into The Springs (or even getting to know it for the first time), it can be difficult to discover “little treat” spots to replace beloved ones back home. In lieu of this, here are my three favorite locally owned and operated spots for you to get your “little treat” close to campus. Instead of going for a Starbucks drink, you can opt for one of these carefully crafted desserts to satisfy your craving and pat yourself on the back for a task well done.

If you’re someone that leans on the savory side, you’ll be happy to know that one of the best croissants in the world, at least according to me, is located just north of campus. Nightingale Bread, open Wednesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., has a perfectly crunchy and buttery croissant that is worth every penny. The shop mills their own grain and uses only the best ingredients to ensure the greatest quality for their customers. They operate out of a small window that usually has at least 20 people in front waiting in line for their little treat of the morning. If croissants aren’t your thing, they also have incredible quiches, breads, and danishes as well.

My next favorite place to go is The Paleta Bar located inside of Coati Uprise, a food and drink hall on Tejon St. This gourmet Mexican pop stand makes all their products using fresh ingredients right in front of you for a truly unique and modern experience.

There’s nothing better than a cold, creamy dessert after washing your clothes in the sweltering hot Mathias laundry room, or even better, a long wait at the health center during a battle with your First Week sickness. My long-time favorite is the coconut bar, but they have an endless array of pops to satisfy every pallet. Whether you want something fruity, spicy, or nutty, The Paleta Bar, open until 11 p.m., can take care of you.

My next recommendation is for those of us that traditionally like to enjoy a drink when they go for a “little treat”. Pikes Peak Lemonade, conveniently located on Tejon St. just a short walk from campus, has lemonade that couldn’t possibly be matched by anything store bought. Not only do they use organic lemons and cane sugar, but they also use fresh ingredients to make all their specialty drinks, including organic jalapeño and lavender.  

They are a plastic-conscious company that offers a glass jar you can purchase your drink in and get discounts with every time that you return. A friend of mine and I went there every week during our freshman year to get away from campus. We would catch up over an incredibly refreshing and delicious glass of cold, bubbly lemonade. My personal go-to is the hibiscus lemonade, but don’t sleep on the other flavors because they are all unlike anything that you’ve had before.

Life as a student can be tough sometimes, and it’s always important to take care of yourself. Sometimes, that means spending the last of your money on a small dessert. Whether you’re craving a dense pastry or a light spritzer, these local spots have you covered with comparatively affordable products, sustainable practices, and ingredients that won’t make your stomach churn. When you go looking for a little treat, try one of these places and remind yourself that you probably deserve it.

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