September 1, 2023 | ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT | By Psalm Delaney

A multisensory food-centric adventure through Los Angeles, “The Long Takeout: Short Stories for a Hungry Sojourner,” is a vibrant, eclectic and inspiring series of stories to catch your ear – and your tastebuds.

Hailing from L.A. himself, Colorado College alumnus Elijah Douresseau ’13 graduated with a major in English-creative writing and a minor in feminist & gender studies. While we were away on summer vacation, he released his recent third title.

Douresseau writes in the introduction, “This collection came to me at some intersection between music and trying to do a few other things of the soul.” The play on words here is clever and a clear testament to Douresseau’s writing style.

After messaging with Douresseau via LinkedIn, he explained, “A foreword for me really does signify my willingness to try this crazy novelist thing out once more and push [forward] with another attempt to reach people.”

Intentionally structured like an album, “The Long Takeout” is composed of an intro, an outro, and ten songs that offer new wisdom with each new visit. While the collection is just under 200 pages, don’t let the page count stunt your estimation of its depth.

In each section, Douresseau invites readers into a world of gastronomic wonder and intentionality that drives each protagonist’s unique ‘coming of age’ era whether they are 8, 15, or 50 years old. From mysterious crimes, to friends in outer space, a trip to the amusement park’s notorious waterslide, and reminiscences on the yesteryears, “The Long Takeout”utilizes food to highlight the beauty and value of living in the present and the seemingly mundane. Each section offers something to smile about, something to ponder, something to resonate with, something to reflect on, and lastly, something to aspire towards.

“The Long Takeout” is a book you can pack right in your bag alongside your snack for class. Maybe you savor the book across bite-sized pieces throughout the day or in one sitting over the weekend or Block Break. Perhaps you share it with a friend or two over a meal on the quad. Nevertheless, let this collection be a nugget of wisdom and a memorable snack to keep you going. The collection is not just a book, it is an experience.

Douresseau also published an official book soundtrack to accompany the title which in his words, is the “music that birthed the short story collection. Music to inspire.”

Go check out “The Long Takeout”and support a fellow Tiger and his work at:

P.S. If you like this one, you’ll also love his debut title, entitled “The Nasty Business of a Bodyguard” which I had the pleasure of reviewing for the Quarantine Content publication in 2021.

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