May 12, 2023 | OPINION | By Maddie Mollerus

Despite being a senior student, this year’s Llamapalooza music & arts festival will actually be my first (and last) time attending the event. Obviously, Colorado College didn’t have a concert during the Pandemic, and last year I had a concussion and couldn’t go (does listening to the music through my window count?) So, I have four years of Llama hype stored up.

Because I have never been to Llamapalooza myself, these next recommendations are based on what I saw people wearing to Coachella this year, what I see people wearing around campus, and what my friends and roommates have told me they’ll be wearing. Enjoy!

Parachute pants: If you like wearing cargo shorts, these are a great alternative for hotter temps. Parachute pants have the same silhouette and vibe, they’re just made out of materials that are more flowy and breathable. I’ve also seen some that have zip-tie-cord-things around the ankles and waist, and I appreciate that sporty vibe. Bonus points if you wear them with a tube top for the ultimate 1990s/2000s throwback.

Rosettes: They’re a flirty and fun 2000s accessory that’s coming back. For those who don’t know, rosettes are a 3D flower-shaped applique made of fabric. They’re usually on the necklines of dresses, tops, and can even be on choker necklaces. The good news is that if you have some scrap fabric and know basic sewing techniques, you can make your own rosettes at home!

(Faux) Leather: The cool thing about leather is that it can adapt to whatever else you pair it with. Wanna be emo punk? Wear chunky loafers, silver jewelry, and smudged eyeliner. Wanna be chic and flirty? Wear sandals, bright patterns, and lighter colors. Versatility at its best.

Colorful eyeliner: If you’re not good at doing cute eyeshadow looks like me (people who know how to evenly apply powder and then blend it all together deserve an honorary art degree), this is for you. Ocean blues, verdant greens, lilac purples, and metallics are the coolest and most noticeable shades for any eye color. And if you need further proof of how chic this trend is, just look up Hailey Bieber’s 2022 Coachella blue eyeliner glam.

Lace: It’s the more romantic cousin of crochet, a trend I suggested for last year’s Llamapalooza. Despite lace’s unique patterns and delicate appearance, it goes well with leather or denim (or any other texture you wear it with). Any clothing item that’s lace-trimmed counts too. Don’t have any lace? You can most likely find a few lace pieces whenever you’re at a secondhand or consignment store.

Pattern Matching: If you’re prone to getting separated from your friend group in crowds, fret not, because you’ll stand out immediately with this trend. A lot of people are scared to wear two prints at once, which is understandable. A good trick is not to match the geometry of the patterns, but the colors instead. This trend is high risk, high reward, but I guarantee that you’ll have an outfit that’s totally unique.

Mermaidcore: I know cosplaying as mermaids while at the beach or pool was not an experience unique to me. For this trend, wear any slinky, shimmery fabric in greens, turquoise, purples, or pastels. In terms of hair, style baby braids with wavy beach hair. And iridescent highlighter and/or eyeshadow ties everything together. Go wild with your mermaid fantasies.

Of course, anyone, regardless of gender or gender expression, should try out these trends! Llamapalooza should be the ultimate event to show your true style at, so why not take some risks this year? Personally, I will be going for an emo cowgirl vibe.

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