April 17, 2023 | FEATURES | By Tia Peterson and Izzy Roe

We know you’ve all been waiting for this since our last special edition. To stay on theme of literally never staying on theme, we decided that we were going to go to a Colorado Rockies game in Denver and drink the most cans of the cheapest beer possible.  

Three cans in an hour? That’s a lot of cans in one baseball game. We know that not everyone makes such a handsome salary writing for The Catalyst like we do, so we thought we’d suggest some more affordable, college friendly choices. 

Here’s how it went: we interviewed some of our fellow Colorado College students to see what their favorite cheap beers were, and then we drank a ton of those during the game. The consensus was Coors, which was so fitting because get this – the stadium is literally called Coors Field. The other common ones were PBR, Montucky, and Busch. However, we got one dumb response for Labatt. If you like Labatt, you can kindly never read one of these articles ever again.

We promptly met up at the gate (we had to take two cars because we have so many friends), and shot gunned Montuckys together instead of our normal chug. 

When we got into the stadium, you’ll never guess what happened. Tia caught a foul ball. Okay, caught is a stretch; she raced an old man to a nearby empty section for one. They were both hobbling as fast as they possibly could to grab it (Tia recently had her ACL reconstructed – IM sports will get you. If you have weak knees start strengthening those bad boys. Orthopedic surgery is horrifying – they literally do carpentry on you, so just do leg day you won’t regret it).


Anyway, after riding that high, we went to get some more beer. Yeah, you guessed it, we got Coors. It was deeeeeeeelish. A solid cheap beer. Beer for Babes approved. 

The Rockies had a great lead against the St. Louis Cardinals right up until the seventh inning. Great comeback by the Cardinals. Alright, enough of that, we both hate baseball and just went there for an excuse to drink on a Tuesday. We had more beer and more beer and peed a lot and drank even more. PBR, PBR, Coors, and a Summer Shanty. We had differing opinions on this one. Izzy says it makes her feel like she’s knee deep in the water somewhere and Tia says it makes her wish she was dead in the water somewhere. The choice is yours. 

In conclusion, stick to the classics, you can’t go wrong. 

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