Dear Reader,

You might be noticing how the paper in your hands looks a little bit different. No, we were not bought by Gannett. Our content remains the same on-campus student reporting as normal but with a new look.

When we became The Catalyst’s new Co-EICs this past January, we entered the job with high expectations for ourselves to make the paper better. To us, this meant increasing our presence both on campus and downtown, heightening our communications with our readers, expanding our social media presence, and put simply, making our newspaper look better. 

This week, we begin Seventh Block with a new layout and logo, symbolizing our commitment to making our treasured newspaper shine the way it should. Colorado College has been through eight years, two presidents, and a global pandemic since our layout has last been updated, so we felt it was time for a change (and to finally get rid of that damn blue box on the front page!). 

This is still the same paper that you’ve grown to know and love. We still have the same staff, edit in the same trusty Pub House, and have the same commitment to bringing you the latest in News, Sports, Features, Arts & Entertainment, and Opinions from the CC community every single week. That commitment has stood for over 54 years, and we don’t plan to break it anytime soon.

We still have so much we plan to do as Co-EICs, and we’re eager to continue our work with the dedication and passion we came into the semester with. Thank you to all of our incredible contributors and full-time staff who have helped us bring all our ideas to life (special shoutout to Kate, our magical Head Layout Editor) and all of our readers, whether they’re students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, or friends, for making all of this work worth it. 

Happy reading! 


Isabella Ingersoll ’25 & Michael Braithwaite ’24


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