April 7, 2023 | FEATURES | By Izzy Roe and Tia Peterson

Alright get a load of this: we picked a local beer for this week. Starting the block off right.

This India Pale Ale hailing from Frisco, Colo. weighs in at 6.4% ABV. This beer is not only delicious and spunky, but also giving. One percent of profits go to the Summit Foundation, which is local to the Rocky Mountain region and helps various communities in Colorado. Their website isn’t the most convincing thing ever, but hey, a nice thing to put on a beer can really get the people going.

Because there has been little to no consistency throughout these beer reviews, instead of three cans in one hour, this time, it’s two tall boys in one hour. Is it the same amount of beer? We don’t know – look it up. Start time was 7:07 p.m. and we finished at 8:04 p.m.

On to can design: this one is special. Different, but classy. The weird dude on the front made us feel like we had been left out of some inside joke – probably the same exact joke between all men who think that starting a brewery isn’t just a mid-life crisis. It’s a black and white design, except for the pop of pink coloring the man’s lips (insert Ice Spice munch joke here). Just the right shade that’s insanely unsettling.

On to the taste: this beer was hazy, though not advertised as such. We would almost go as far to categorize it as a BIG hazy (shout out Pikes Peak Brewing Co. and the weekly readers who hopefully picked up on the reference before we painfully described it to you in this note).

Maybe it was more beer than usual, maybe it was less, maybe we’re just lightweights and have decided not to address it, but we got drunk. You know what, at the end of the day, we’re spending less and living better. Bet you wish you could get dizzy after two tall boy IPAs. Sucks for you. Maybe try taking a tolerance break.

Now on to the most exciting thing that we must report: this beer was chuggable. We did it. Not the whole thing, for god’s sake it was a tall boy, but a good chunk. And we didn’t feel like death after. We’re huge. Bet you wish you could chug!

For our final remarks, we would buy this beer again and encourage you too as well. It pairs very nicely with Trader Joe’s Scandinavian Swimmers (let’s be honest what doesn’t) and not so nicely with olives. Is eating random stuff around the house and deciding if we like it or not really how to do beer pairings? Probably not. Do we seem like we care? Definitely not.

Keep this beer cold for optimal drinking pleasure.

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