March 17, 2023 | NEWS | By Beck Marshall

April 4, 2023 marks election day for Colorado Springs. The mayoral race is well underway, sporting a dozen nonpartisan candidates and issuing a fantastic opportunity for Colorado College students to exercise their voice in the local community.

Turnout is often lower in local elections; it can be a hassle to collect information on the various local candidates just to find one that might have some overlapping views with you. However, this does not mean that local elections are not important.

Many of our day-to-day lives in Colorado Springs are affected by the actions of those holding public office. For this reason, The Catalyst wants to make the voting process as convenient as possible, which is why in this piece, you will find information on every candidate that will be on your ballot in this upcoming election, in no particular order.

Sallie Clark

Experience: City Council Member, Utilities Board Member, County Commissioner, State Director for the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development, President of the National Association of Counties


Crime: “We need more police and firefighters, and we need to give them the tools they need to do the job right.” 

Homelessness: “We need a mayor with courage and compassion to clear our streets and trails.” 

Quality of life: “Clean, well-maintained streets and public transportation.” 

Kallan Reece Rodebaugh 

Experience: Stand-Up Comedian, Model


Affordable Housing: “Increase the supply of modestly priced housing by providing incentives and subsidies to developers. 

Lowering Utilities: “Investing in renewable energy sources.” 

Homelessness: “Raising awareness of the homeless situation in Colorado Springs will encourage civic engagement and support for those in need.”

Public Transportation: “Increasing the accessibility… safety… and affordability.” 

Slogan: “Fix the price of eggs. Fix Colorado Springs.”

John “Tig” Tiegan 

Experience: Motivational Speaker, Firearms Instructor, United States Marine Corps (Four years), Founder of the United American Defense Force (Militia


Constitutional Rights: “Our elected officials across the country have weaponized our police against their communities over the enforcement of unconstitutional mandates.”

Change how we govern: “A person… (Tiegan) willing to listen to and work with the department heads and staff who run the day-to-day operations.”

Homelessness and Public Safety: “Reduce homelessness in Colorado Springs by providing a place to shelter while at the same time helping to rehabilitate and lay out a pathway to a productive life.”

Yemi Mobalade

Experience: City of Colorado Springs Small Business Development Administrator, co-founded COSILoveYou non-profit, lead Thrive Network non-profit


Safety: “Strengthen public safety by overcoming staffing shortages.”

Infrastructure: “Bring housing within reach for all Colorado Springs residence.” 

Economic Vitality: “Put local businesses first by cutting unnecessary red tape, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Christopher Mitchell 

Experience: Electrical Engineering Contractor


Directed problem-solving: “Brass Tacks.”

Implementation of government “Fiscal Responsibility.” 

“Advocate for Colorado Springs Public Safety.” 

Lawrence Joseph Martinez 

Experience: Certified Nurse with End-of-Life Care Specialization, Native American Advisory Council for the El Pomar Foundation’s Elevating Leadership Development Program 


Housing: Build more low-income housing in Colorado Springs’ southeast side to spur upward economic mobility. 

Business: Expand Colorado Springs’ commercial sector by traveling to other cities to encourage companies to move into town. 

Homeless: Create bus lines connecting the city’s homeless population to public health and work opportunities. 

Longinos Gonzalez Jr. 

Experience: El Paso County Commissioner for District 4, United States Air Force Intelligence Officer, Department of Defense Intelligence Chief in Bogota Embassy. 


Roads & Infrastructure: “Prioritizing & increasing funding for our roads & essential services.”

Public Safety: “I will ensure our law enforcement and fire department are properly funded for recruitment, retention & training and are transparent & working for all our residents.” 

Smart Growth: “Ensuring safe and sufficient water resources and a strong, healthy community.”

Tom Strand

Experience: Attorney and United States Airforce Judge Advocate, Former School District 11 President and Vice President, Colorado Springs City Council President, Colorado Springs Utilities Chair and Vice Chair. 


Safety “To work with community members to make “Colorado Springs the safest city in America.” 

City Growth: “Establish a strategic Planning Division to carefully manage residential, business, and retail growth programs, emphasizing the Southeast, old shopping centers, and new URA projects.”

Andrew Dalby

Experience: Quality Control Laboratory Manager, Data Analyst, Government Contractor at Allegheny Ballistics Laboratory, System Engineer/Consultants Team Manager. 

Platform: “The government is best that governs least.”

“Political dynasties are inherently corrupt, and no family has a right to rule.”

“Prioritize Public Safety, Good Roads, and Parks you want to bring your kids to.”

Jim Miller

Experience: United States Marine Corps, Owner of a Vending Business, Owner of a Tire Shop


Safety: “All pedophiles and rapists be forced to live five miles away from all schools and victims.”

Infrastructure: “My top priorities are to fix the roads.” 

Housing “Affordable housing in a practical manner with rational solutions.” 

Darryl Glenn

Experience: United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Colorado Springs City Councilmember, El Paso County Commissioner. 


Crime: “My top priority is fixing our growing crime problem… There will be a renewed emphasis on arresting all criminals.”

Community Growth and Development: Homelessness will be managed as a community initiative… I will eliminate codes that hinder people from using their property to provide shelter.”

Community Supply Chain Management: “I will propose and support innovative local solutions to increase the availability and access to essential goods and services.”

Wayne Williams

Experience: Colorado Secretary of State, Colorado Springs City Council, Colorado Springs Utilities, El Paso County Clerk, El Paso County Commissioner. 


A Safe Community: “Providing Colorado Springs Police and Firefighters with the personnel, training, tools, and resources necessary to keep our neighborhoods, businesses, and schools safe.”

A Prosperous Community: “I am committed to preserving a low tax burden for our residents while delivering economic growth.”

A Thriving Community: “I’ve championed road and infrastructure projects, including the widening of I-25 and the Pikes Peak RTA.”

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