December 9, 2022 | ACTIVE LIFE | By Alanna Jackson

When my first-year roommate, Rikki Held ’23, asked if I wanted to join her intramural soccer team, I remember my thoughts echoing a resounding, “Hell no.” Yet, being the ever so stubborn and competitive person I am, I found myself saying, “Hell yes.” And I’ve been so thankful I did, not only because playing soccer allows me to soak up some much-needed sun (my mother claims Vitamin D is the cure-all), but also because it’s introduced me to some pretty baller kids on campus.

My intramural soccer and futsal team—Get Megs, Break Legs, Drink Kegs or MegsLegsKegs for short—is a patchwork cohort of vastly different social circles. While the group has grown a bit since our first game in 2019, we are still the same loyal team, welded together by a love for soccer, the outdoors, and spirit.

Intramural sports at Colorado College are a thriving hub of outdoor shenanigans. Even though I am still a scaredy cat whenever a soccer ball slithers near my innocent cleats, I am so humbled and happy to be a part of such an incredible community; consider this a love letter to intramural soccer.

Four star-players of the MegsLegsKegs franchise, including Daphne Frantzis ’23 or “Sassy,” Luca Espinosa ’23 or “Corrado,” Maddie Mollerus ’23 or “Mad Dawg,” and Moses Solomon ’23 or “Dash” or “Momo,” spoke about their experience on the team since they were baby first years.

When asked how they joined the team, the four seniors squinted their eyes, trying to recount and retrace their steps.

Frantzis said, “I found out from my sister Willa, who found out from Alanna Jackson, who is roommates with Rikki Held, who started the team and put up flyers around campus.”

Unlike most other teams who consist of the same and adjacent friend groups, MegsLegsKegs members joined through word of mouth or by meeting Held, who frequently plays pick-up soccer. Solomon, interim captain for the pre-holiday futsal tournament, recounts how he joined the team during the fall of 2019 but was too nervous to come. Eventually he mustered up the courage to attend futsal season. MegsLegsKegs players absolutely charmed him and encouraged him to stay.

Whether it’s feuding over the captain title, redeeming themselves from the losers’ bracket, or gossiping on the sidelines, MegsLegsKegs brings tenacity and spunk to the IM scene. Each fall, when the leaves change to vibrant hues of gold and amber and the wind snips at exposed noses, MegsLegsKegs files onto Tava Quad, ready to break ankles.

This past fall, MegsLegsKegs was knocked out of the semifinals of the losers’ bracket, which is a consistent trend. We did make a semifinals appearance during our first year and three finals appearances last year.

Yet, my team members always find the humor in our times of defeat. As Solomon notes, “It was a bit of a disappointing season. We lost to the same team twice. The first time they had no subs and we had about ten, and we got embarrassed. Then we lost again.” Solomon laughed and said, “But we almost beat them.”

However, MegsLegsKegs is prepared to redeem themselves in the muggy Auxillary Gym this block during futsal games. Their first game resulted in an astounding 19-11 win.

When the games become heated, MegsLegsKegs keeps their cool, especially during high-stakes penalty kick shootouts “on the driest most bumpy field that exists,” Frantzis said. During their fall season, they had two shootouts resulting in victory, which were some of Espinosa’s and Mollerus’s favorite moments. Likewise, securing a spot in finals and feeling deserving of such a rank is one of Solomon’s favorite parts of being a part of the team.

However, it’s not just about the wins for MegsLegsKegs. As Solomon states, “There is no pressure to do well; it is all self-imposed. We all just love being on a team together and just want to win together. I feel like it is the most competitive thing I do: trying to win IM soccer games.” 

Being on the same team since starting out as first years has provided a strong foundation for building intimate bonds and creating an inclusive and fun environment. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. The stability has been nice, especially during COVID-19. Everyone hypes each other up, so it is a really supportive atmosphere,” said Mollerus.

 “I like being on the team because you come together with a lot of different friend groups that wouldn’t have come together originally,” Frantzis noted. Reflecting on my own experience on MegsLegsKegs, I’ve realized how I appreciate the consistency of seeing friendly faces no matter what block I am in and feeling like games aren’t a task to check-off but something to look forward to instead.

Espinosa echoed this sentiment. “The games are more of a social gathering at this point where we chitchat on the sidelines and have fun being with each other. It is a nice relief from the stress of the day,” he said.

Not only does MegsLegsKegs have loyal member retention, but they also have a loyal fanbase who consistently cheers on the team from the comfort of their CrazyCreeks and live tweet the plays from the fan Twitter page.

Along with the camaraderie instilled within the team, the spirit and dedication to IM sports shines through, apparent in the DIY block-printed jerseys crafted last winter during futsal season 2022.

 “Our good friend Simon drafted logos, and everyone voted on their favorite logo in the group chat,” said Frantzis. “Alanna and I took a trip to Michael’s to get materials, since we were in a block printing adjunct and wanted to use those skills to create jerseys. We worked for an entire day on 20 shirts.”

The star players reflected that they have noticed other teams with handmade jerseys this year as well, showing how MegsLegsKegs has possibly sparked a new IM tradition. Frantzis declared, “They fear us; they follow our lead.”

“I had COVID at the time, and I was in isolation,” said Solomon. “Some folks on the team dropped off the shirt and some snacks, including beef jerky, Gatorade, and candy. It felt really good to get the jersey; it was just so awesome.” This anecdote is a testimony to the strong passion and dedication of CC students in IM sports across the board.

Espinosa emphasized that CC has one of the highest turnouts for intramural sports compared to sister schools, showing the strong active culture and competitive edge of CC students. The four seniors encourage CC students to get out there and take advantage of the many IM sports, whether that’s futsal, broomball, hockey, inner-tube water polo, or soccer. However, beware if you enter into the soccer or futsal pool; the red ink on the MegsLegsKegs jerseys signifies the blood they spill.

Thanks, MegsLegsKegs; y’all are my forever block crush.

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