December 2, 2022 | CULTURE | By Katie Rowley

As the holidays require more than just your presence at a dinner table, now’s the time to start thinking about what you’re getting for those special people in your life. I know, finding that perfect gift is stressful, and you only have three more weeks. Time is ticking.

If you’re struggling to come up with unique, personable gifts for all of those you love and you happen to be reading this article, let me help. I’ve created the best unofficial Colorado College 2022 gift guide: gifts that show off your school spirit, range in price, and can be given to anyone.

A Colorado College Ornament

Nothing says school spirit like buying your parents your college’s ornaments and letting them hang on their tree so when you return home no one has to bug you with the dreaded “where do you go to school again?” question. You can just direct them to your Christmas tree with a beloved CC ornament.

There’s six different ornaments to choose from on the bookstore’s website, ranging from $7 to $45. Unfortunately, you can’t pick any of these up from the on-campus bookstore, but you can have them shipped straight to your house. Think about how excited your mom would be to open the Colorado College Tigers Ornament Mom Doodle, which you can buy for only $14.98!

And if these are a little out of your price range, I suggest the Faux Fur Tiger Christmas Tree Ornament – Wondershopfrom Target for only $3.00. The tiger gets the point across, but for a little extra pizazz, you could write “Colorado College” on the side of it.

A Framed Tiger Art Piece

If an ornament is too holiday-specific of a gift, opt for a painting of a tiger to show off your school spirit. This gift is exceptional for another CC student (ya know, because it is a requirement that every student owns at least one piece of tiger-centric art to hang on their wall.) But I’m sure your relatives would also appreciate this reminder of your college’s mascot.

The possibilities to acquire this piece of art are endless. You could paint a tiger, buy a “Giant White Tiger in Mountains” collage from Wallnut (which is extra applicable, because we are tigers in the mountains), or scour the art section of the Arc — you’ll probably find at least one tiger.

Colorado College Hockey Tickets

Now, I know what you’re thinking, those are free, in what world would that be considered a gift? But, if you’re looking for a cheap gift to get your newly-dating college partner, this is the perfect gift. There’s no monetary commitment, and if things go badly, there’s no harm in simply not going to the game. And, if you’re looking to put in a bit more effort to show them you care, buy them snacks from concessions.

The next home hockey games are Dec. 9 and 10, so wake up early on Monday, Dec. 5, and snag those tickets for you and your sweetheart.

A quick note: since you can only claim one student section ticket through your Ticketmaster account, you are going to need their login information, but I’ll leave you to figure that out.

A Free Meal

Let’s say hockey is not your vibe, but you’re not ready for the commitment that comes with buying a gift for someone you just started dating. I’d suggest treating them to a free meal at Rastalls or Benjis, or, if a meal is also too much commitment, maybe cover their coffee and bagel from Colorado Coffee.

Use up that meal plan money before the semester ends. And, even though everyone knows that swiping someone into Rastall’s is not the same as treating your partner to a meal downtown, it’s the gesture that counts.


Consider buying shoes for your CC friends that refuse to wear theirs in the library or Rastalls or walking down Tava quad. Seriously. I recommend Ugg Boots (they’re really in right now), but, at this point, a pair of flip-flops from the Arc would be better than nothing. Or maybe some Doc Martens, or something with laces so they’re harder to take off in public spaces.

 Good luck, and happy holidays!

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